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All Together Now (2020)


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All Together Now (2020) Review

ABOUT THE MOVIE All Together Now (2020)

'All Together Now' (2020) is an American drama film directed by Brett Haley. Haley, Marc Basch, Matthew Quick, and Ol Parker write its screenplay. The film was released on August 28, 2020, by Netflix.

FAST REVIEW OF THE MOVIE All Together Now (2020)


Amber Appleton is in high school in Portland, Oregon. She lives with Becky, her mother, and her mother's boyfriend, Oliver. But Oliver is an abuser. Unable to bear that, Becky and Amber move out of the house and lived on the bus Becky drove. Amber is very busy, teaching an ESL class as well as working in an old age house. She also plans to host an annual school variety show, with the proceeds going to charity. Amber is invited to audition for the drama program at Carnegie Mellon University, the alma mater of her deceased father. She spent money to buy an air ticket. Becky is fired when they find out that she and Amber are living on the bus. She decides to come back with Oliver, but Amber refuses to go home and sleeps on the park bench Then she is robbed She confides in her situation with her friend Ty, who brought Amber to his family motel to stay and helps her prepare for the audition. She tells of her father's death that caused her mother to struggle and then moved in with Oliver, who eventually became abusive. Her mother Bucky is an alcoholic and often relapses when she's with Oliver. Amber told Becky she felt insecure about being with Oliver. The two of them argued. Becky left angrily. The next morning, police announced Becky and Oliver died in a car accident while drunk. On the audition morning, her dog, Bobby gets sick and she misses a flight to Carnegie Mellon University. The cost of surgery for the dog is too large, Amber drops out, spends all of her time earning money for the surgery, and intends to give up the variety show. Ty surprises her by saying the money raised from the program would go to Bobby's surgery. Finally, Amber earns enough money. Amber receives another audition from Carnegie Mellon.