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Armour of God (1986)


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 is a Hong Kong martial arts film starring in 1986, written and directed by Jackie Chan, an actor who also starred in the film. El reparto is also conformed by Alan Tam, Lola Forner and Rosamund Kwan.

The film is a mix of comedy and martial arts, something common in the productions with Jackie Chan as the protagonist, with a theme similar to that presented in the films of the Indiana Jones saga. Chan was about to film one of the scenes of the film while jumping on a tree from a cornice, but unfortunately the branch that clung to broke, which caused Chan to break and break his head, having to to be surgically intervened.2 3 The story was continued in a titled sequence Armour of God II: Operation Condor  in 1991.


Jackie, better known as the "Asian hawk", is a former musician turned adventurer and treasure hunter. After successfully stealing a sword from an African tribe, he has the weapon up for auction before it is won by May Bannon, the beautiful daughter of Count Bannon. He reunites with his former bandmate Alan, who seeks his help as his girlfriend Lorelei has been kidnapped by an evil religious cult as a means of acquiring Jackie's services. The cult owns two pieces of legendary armor called "The Armor of God", and they intend for Jackie to bring them the three remaining armor pieces, including the sword. Jackie and Alan reach an agreement with Count Bannon, who is in possession of the three pieces of armor: they will borrow the pieces of armor for their mission to rescue Lorelei with the promise to complete the armor for the count and with the condition that May accompany them.

Jackie, Alan, and May travel to northern Yugoslavia to find the sect's monastery. They infiltrate a hideout and secretly rescue Lorelei, unaware that the cult leaders have anticipated their arrival and brainwashed her into following their orders to the letter. At May's nursing home, Lorelei drugs Alan and makes him steal all three pieces of armor. Jackie sneaks into the monastery and rescues her friends. As Alan and Lorelei escape, Jackie fends off the cult members before discovering the armor of God in a cave. Before he has a chance to take the armor, he meets the Grand Wizard, who frees his four assassins to eliminate the adventurer. Exploiting her high-heeled shoes as her weakness, Jackie defeats the assassins in a grueling fight. Jackie is surrounded by the rest of the Grand Wizard's men, but reveals a vest filled with sticks of dynamite under his jacket, threatening to blow himself up along with the monastery. He lights a fuse and throws the sticks of dynamite, running for his life as the monastery rapidly begins to cave in, burying all the worship and armor of God along with them. He runs out of a cave and sees a hot air balloon with Alan, Lorelei and May on board. In a daring and fearless move, Jackie makes a leap from the base of the cave and lands on top of the balloon, managing to escape impending doom.


Jackie Chan as Jackie or the "Asian Falcon", a treasure hunter and member of the pop group "The Losers" (a clear allusion to the Cantonese pop group The Wynners)

Alan Tam as Alan.

Lola Forner as May Bannon.

Rosamund Kwan as Lorelei.

Božidar Smiljanić as Count Bannon.

Ken Boyle as the Great Wizard.

John Ladalski as Lama.

Robert O'Brien as the African witch doctor.

Boris Gregoric as Jackie's manager at an audition.