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As the Gods Will (2014)


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  High school student Shun Takahata spends a lot of time playing violent video games. One morning at school, he laments that his life is boring but then suddenly finds himself forced into a game of Daruma-san ga koronda with death as punishment for losing. When the Daruma doll turns towards the blackboard, it reveals a button on its back that students can press to end the game, but everyone in the class except Shun dies.   After the game, Shun finds his friend Ichika Akimoto and they go to the school gym. There, they play the role of Maneki Neko, where students dressed up as mice try to throw a bell on a ring attached to the neck of a beckoning giant cat, while trying not to be eaten or crushed. The game wins with the help of Takeru Amaya, a troubled classmate who seems amused by the chance to witness so many deaths, and who kills all the other survivors apart from. Shun and Ichika after winning the game. The three of them then lost consciousness from the sleeping gas called by the beckoning giant cat. They wake up and find themselves together with other students in a room inside a giant floating cube in Tokyo, facing the next test: students from all over Japan and elsewhere in the world. Gender faces the same tests, and a handful of survivors are being put inside the walls.   The next game is Kagome Kagome, where the students have to be blindfolded and will guess who of the four Kokeshi wooden dolls are hovering behind them for 10 seconds after finishing a short song. If they do not, they will be hit with red lasers and the dolls will use telekinesis to destroy their bodies. If Kokeshi loses, they will explode and one of them releases the answer key that opens the door and free the student to the next level. Shun meets and saves Shoko Takase by winning the game, and they reunite with Ichika and Yukio Sanada, who were saved from being killed by the fifth Kokeshi by holding their hands.   The four join Eiji Oku and Kotaro Maeda to the next level, where they have to use their keys to unlock a giant smiling head. Amaya brings three more keys and kills an inmate that he brings into the room. The seven survivors used their keys, and the giant head rolled away to dig a tunnel into the next room. Meanwhile, each player is shown on the television screen for the others to watch. The next game is Shirokuma, a polar bear that appears to them inside a frozen room. All students must answer truthfully to the questions of a white bear, otherwise they will be forced to pick out who they suspect is lying to be killed. Shoko and Yukio are killed, and Shun quickly realizes that the bear is a real liar and that its true color is black, thus winning the game and surviving with four other students.   The final game, presented by a matryoshka doll, is a rock-in-can game that must be completed before sunset. The remaining five people each choose a stick, and whoever gets the red stick will play the role of "Devil". Who saw his face and was called out by the "Devil", captured and thrown into a cell. Kicking in the middle can cause it to explode, killing nearby players. Takeru receives the red baton and soon three students are captured while Shun finds an armor to hide his face. Shun fell into the sea while chaining Takeru to the armor. When Takeru tried to pull the armor up to avoid being dragged down, Shun climbed back up, free from the armor. They both ran towards the can, and Shun succeeded in kicking the can first, thereby winning the game. The Matryoshka doll reveals that the blast was in fact a lie and that none of them will be killed if they lose the game. They have a popsicle party, where they find out about their fate on a wooden stick, and the purpose of the final game is simply for entertainment. Shun and Takeru live while Ichika, Eiji and Kotaro are killed by a laser matryoshka doll that disintegrates them. Shun and Takeru appeared on top of the cube, where they saw the crowd cheering for them, while a hikikomori, who had watched them from his room, walked out of his house, able to find out. the true identity of "God".   Takeru celebrated while Shun knelt in despair for all his loss, saying "no God". One of the Matryoshka dolls corrects him and suggests that those deadly games will lead them to "God", as it shows him as a wanderer who is also an observer of the games. there.  


  Sota Fukushi as Shun Takahata

Hirona Yamazaki as Ichika Akimoto

Ryūnosuke Kamiki as Takeru Amaya

Mio Yūki as Shoko Takase

Shōta Sometani as Satake

Jingi Irie as Eiji Oku

Ryosuke Yamamoto as Mikinori Taira

Minori Hagiwara as Yumi Taoka

Sasuke Otsuru as Yukio Sanada

Naoto Takahashi as Kotaro Maeda

Nijiro Murakami as Haruhiko Yoshikawa

Lily Franky as the Homeless Man / God

Nao Omori as Takumi


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