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Chemical Hearts (2020)


Chemical Hearts (2020) Cast

Chemical Hearts (2020) Review


Chemical Hearts is a 2020 film directed by Richard Tanne and based on the novel of the same name by Krystal Sutherland.

Starring Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams, the film was released on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform on August 21, 2020.


Henry is a 17-year-old looking for great love. In fact, he avoided crushes and flirtations in the belief that that feeling that makes your heart beat and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach really exists. Arriving in his final year of high school, his only purpose is to direct the school newspaper and prepare for college. Life, however, holds a surprise for him, Grace Town, who arrived in the city with a mysterious story behind her and a crutch that never leaves her. Grace becomes Henry's colleague in the newspaper and ends up building a relationship with him that goes far beyond just friendship. But first love isn't always all plain sailing. In the case of Henry and Grace she tastes bitter, because the girl holds a secret related to her condition that she could make the relationship difficult. Her boyfriend died in the car accident that injured her leg. But the boy still intends to stay with her. Grace agrees to go out with Henry in secret. After a Halloween party, Grace and Henry return to Henry's house to have sex. She, soon after, starts crying for her dead boyfriend, breaking Henry's heart.

A few days later, Grace drives again for the first time since the accident, taking Henry to a restaurant inside a national park. Henry confronts her, telling Grace that she isn't ready to move on. She accuses her of still being in love with her ex, and that every time she closes her eyes and kisses him, she is imagining herself as her old boyfriend. Meanwhile, Henry begins to fail in school. One day, he goes to Grace's house and discovers the truth: Grace lives in her late boyfriend's house with her parents and wears her unwashed clothes to preserve her memory. Grace catches Henry poking his nose into the house and makes him leave. Grace admits she is pretending to be a new girl, only to see Henry's reaction, who is totally engrossed in the girl's new appearance.

A few days later, Grace disappears on the anniversary of her boyfriend's death, causing everyone to panic. Henry finds her at the abandoned train station, where she is wearing a white dress and crying. Eventually, Grace opens up and tells Henry about her ex, whom she has loved since they met as children. Her uncle's uncle a month before the accident, she had taken her to live with her boyfriend's mother because her was always drunk. She was in the hospital during the funeral and she was unable to write the eulogy because it was too painful. According to Grace, it was her fault that Dom (her boyfriend) died, because she was distracted while she drove. Later, Grace takes off her dress, which was supposed to be her her wedding dress and explains that she feels less guilty for what she did when she is sad. She admits she only kissed Henry because she missed Dom, and she tells Henry that she doesn't know what her true love is. Henry feels sorry for himself, and Grace decides to drop out of school for a while.

Grace's ability to walk slowly improves and she returns to school where Henry notices that the girl smiles more and has started wearing her clothes again. On the last day of school they meet and talk about their future: Henry will go to university, while Grace takes a gap year. As they hug, she puts something in his pocket. Henry discovers that it is the poem Grace had read to him when they met. Henry realizes that he loves Grace as Grace loves Dom, and that he will never be loved back. Despite this, both have changed the life of the other and will always be part of it.


Austin Abrams as Henry Page

Lili Reinhart as Grace Town

Sarah Jones as Sadie

Adhir Kalyan as Kem Sharma

Bruce Altman as Toby


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