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Extraction (2020)


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Extraction is an American action film directed by Sam Hargrave with the script by Joe Russo, based on the Ciudad comic by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman. The film stars famous actors like Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbor. The film was officially released by Netflix on April 24, 2020


Ovi Mahajan - son of Indian drug lord Ovi Mahajan Sr- was kidnapped by two corrupt policemen working for opposition drug boss Amir Asif. Saju Rav, a former Indian special operative and Ovi's protector, came to see Ovi's father in prison. They could not deliver the ransom as this would affect Ovi's father's prestige. Ovi Mahajan Sr. ordered Saju to bring his son back. Otherwise, he would harm Saju's family. Tyler Rake, a former Australian Special Forces soldier and currently working as a mercenary, is suggested by his friend Nik Khan to rescue Ovi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ovi's father will transfer all the money to the mercenaries when they recuse his son. Rake will go on a mission, while Khan will find a secret place to liaise with him. Rake finds Ovi, kills all the kidnappers, and takes the boy to the boat, but the boy's father does not forward the remaining money. Saju appears to kill all of Rake's teammates so he takes Ovi himself, the purpose is to not have to pay for the mercenaries. Knowing that Ovi had escaped, Asif ordered the police and army to block Dhaka, guarding the bridges out of the city. Rake and Ovi must find refuge. Khan plans to send a helicopter to pick up Rake outside the city, she tells him to leave Ovi because no one is paying for them. However, Rake is haunted by the memory of his little son who passed away, so he does not want to leave Ovi alone. After escaping from Saju and the army, Rake defeats a group of Asif's young subordinates. Rake takes Ovi to shelter in the home of an old friend, Gaspar. Gaspar revealed that Asif offered $ 10 million for Ovi's life and promised to divide the money if Rake allowed him to kill Ovi. Rake refuses and fights with Gaspar, after which Ovi shoots Gaspar severely. Rake calls Saju for help, they must team up to get rid of Dhaka. Rake worries about distracting the army while Saju takes Ovi over the bridge, from where a fierce gun battle takes place. Khan and the rest of the mercenaries were also on the other side of the bridge to assist Rake. Asif stood from a distance watching the battle with binoculars. Saju was killed by a colonel using a sniper rifle, who in turn was sniped by Khan. Rake was injured, he told Ovi to run towards Khan's helicopter. He tried to run after the boy but was shot in the neck by one of Asif's subordinates, the wound made him stagger and fall into the river. Khan's team, together with Ovi, successfully escaped to Mumbai. Eight months later, Khan killed Asif in a toilet. Ovi was practicing swimming in the school swimming pool when he saw a man watching him, possibly Rake still alive.


Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake

Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan

Randeep Hooda as Saju Rav

Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan

Pankaj Tripathi as Ovi Mahajan Sr.

Priyanshu Painyuli as Amir Asif

David Harbor as Gaspar


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