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Frozen is a fantasy musical theater film using American computer animation technology produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2013. [5] This is the 53rd animated film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Inspired by the fairy tale Snow Queen by writer Hans Christian Andersen, the film tells the story of a brave princess embarking on an arduous journey with a strong, rocky mountain guy. Dynamic but a bit rude at first, with her loyal reindeer and a funny snowman who accidentally meets to find her sister living alone in the mountains, a queen possessing the power to create ice the price accidentally caused the whole kingdom to sink in the eternal winter.


The film opens with a group of people cutting ice into large rocks, selling them for money. Among them were Kristoff as a child and his reindeer named Sven.

Not far away, Elsa is the princess of Arendelle kingdom, possessing the power to create ice. One night, while playing, she accidentally injured her sister Anna. The king and queen ask for the help of goblins; and their patriarch, great Pabbie, healed Anna and erased all her memories of her sister's magic. He also told Elsa that luckily the magic only affects Anna's head, so he can cure it, but if it is the heart, it will be difficult to overcome; moreover her strength will only grow with time and she must learn to control it: fear is her enemy. Deciding to keep her daughter's special gift hidden until she learns to control it, the royal family separates the two princesses from the outside world. They grew up within only the four walls of the castle. Elsa is afraid that she will injure someone again, so she is mostly alone in her room. Anna is not allowed to play with her, which accidentally created a crack in sisterhood when they grew up. When Anna and Elsa were teenagers, the king and queen unfortunately met a storm at sea and died.

Three years later, when Elsa was twenty-one and Anna eighteen, the people of Arendelle jubilantly prepared for Elsa's summer coronation. Among the high-profile visitors to visit was the Duke of Weselton, a businessman looking to exploit and profit from the kingdom of Arendelle. Overjoyed that the castle gates were open to the public throughout the day, Anna explores all parts of town and meets Prince Hans of the Southern Islands in an awkward and embarrassing situation. Elsa's coronation passed smoothly without any problems, at the party the two sisters began to heal each other's feelings. Anna meets Hans again at the party, they dance together and quickly fall in love with each other. Hans proposed to Anna, she immediately agreed. Anna asked Elsa to bless their wedding, but the queen refused, and there was a dispute between the two sisters. In anger, unable to control herself, Elsa revealed her power to everyone.

Frightened, Elsa ran away, while she accidentally covered an eternal winter over the kingdom. While fleeing from the pursuit of everyone she no longer hides but unleashes all her power, builds herself a giant ice castle on the mountain and unintentionally doesn't know that she has brought life for the snowman she'd worked with as a child with her sister Olaf. Anna sets out to find Elsa, determined to bring her sister back to Arendelle, to end the winter and heal the feelings between them. While shopping for cold goods, she meets a guy in the mountains named Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven. Anna convinces Kristoff to take her to the North Mountain to find her. That night, they met a pack of wolves and had to fight hard to escape. The next morning, the three met Olaf, Olaf took them to Elsa's mansion.

Once again at the ice castle, Anna tries to persuade Elsa to return, but in her heart Elsa is still afraid of hurting her sister again. As Anna insisted, Elsa was again agitated and her icy power accidentally hit Anna in the chest. That made Elsa even more upset by the thought of harming her brother, she created a giant snow monster that threw Anna and her friends out. After they escaped, Kristoff noticed that Anna's hair was slowly turning white. Recalling the old days when he had witnessed how the injured Anna was healed, he decided to take her back to the goblins that are also his adoptive family. There, the great Pabbie told them that Anna's heart had been stuck in a piece of ice, unless there was a "gesture of true love" that thawed in her heart, otherwise she would be frozen. into a block of ice forever. Kristoff took Anna back to Arendelle, believing that a kiss of true love from Hans would save her life.

Meanwhile, Hans, who volunteered to send an army to find Anna, discovered Elsa's ice castle and captured her after confronting two soldiers sent by the Duke to kill her. Elsa is imprisoned in Arendelle; and Hans came to beg her to end winter in the kingdom, but Elsa confessed that she didn't know what to do. Kristoff brought Anna back to reunite with Hans and left. Anna explained to Hans that he had to kiss her or she would die, but Hans refused. He said he was only pretending to love her to usurp Arendelle's throne, because his family was the thirteenth child so he would never have a chance to rule the country. He turned off the fire of the fireplace, locked Anna in the room, announced that she was dead, ascended to the throne in Arendelle, then ordered Elsa to be executed.

Elsa escapes from the cell and runs towards the frozen bay. Olaf found the cold Anna alone in her room and told her that Kristoff loved her. Seeing Kristoff and Sven returning, the two of them ran out into the bay to look for him. Hans stopped Elsa and lied to her that Anna died because of her. In Elsa's despair, the terrible blizzard stopped, giving Kristoff and Anna enough time to run to each other. But noticing that Hans was about to kill her sister, Anna looked at Kristoff one last time, then darted between Elsa and Hans and instantly turned into a block of ice. His sword shattered when it reached Anna, he was shot far away. Elsa tears up and sees her sister like that, she hugs her and cries bitterly. While Elsa was crying for her, the ice in Anna's heart and around her began to melt: the decision to sacrifice herself to save her was the gesture of true love.

Realizing that love is the key to controlling her powers, Elsa is now able to thaw the ice that engulfs the kingdom, without letting Olaf melt in the summer heat. Anna angrily punched Hans into the water, he was returned to the Southern Islands to be punished for his crimes, and Elsa severed trade with Weselton. Anna bought Kristoff a new rickshaw and they kissed each other. Now that she has control of her power, Elsa creates a large ice rink and snow falls in the kingdom for everyone to freely play. The two sisters love again like before, Elsa gave Anna a pair of ski shoes, and she promised me that the castle gate will never be closed again.


Elsa (21 years old) is the main character of the movie, Queen Arendelle, who can turn into snow.

Anna (18 years old) is the main character of the movie, the princess of Arendelle.

Kristoff is a guy who lives in the mountains and has a reindeer named Sven, who sells ice in the mountains. Love Anna very much.

Olaf is a snowman created by Elsa, a funny snowman who always wishes to experience the feeling of summer having his own snowy beach.

Hans (23 years old) prince is from the Southern Islands. Pretend to love Anna to take Arendelle's throne.

The Duke of Weselton hated Elsa and doubted her.