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Frozen II (2019)


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Frozen II (2019) Review


Frozen II is an American animated musical fantasy movie film released in 2019 produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and is also a sequel to the movie Frozen (2013). The film has the return of the voice actors in part one are Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, along with a number of new actors including Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown. Walt Disney Pictures released the film on November 22, 2019, in both 2D and 3D formats.


After the events of the previous movie, Queen Elsa continues to rule the kingdom of Arendelle with her sister Princess Anna. At this moment, Elsa suddenly realized that there was a sound always following her and echoing in her ear. After the autumn holiday, Elsa sneaked out of the palace to follow the inviting sound and unintentionally awoke four natural souls: earth, water, fire and wind. These souls rebelled and destroyed Arendelle's village, forcing everyone to evacuate to higher lands. Elsa had to tell Anna the truth about everything, then the Love Thought came and said that the kingdom's past was too dark, to be resolved or he could not see the future.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, snowman Olaf and the reindeer Sven must together embark on a new journey deep into the woods, beyond the boundaries of their homeland Arendelle to uncover a perennial mystery in their kingdom . Inside the magic mist is the land of the Northuldra people - people who worship and use what nature offers. The two Elsa sisters discovered the fact that their mother was Northuldra and once defended their father during a conflict between the Northuldra tribe and the Arendelle army. Elsa and Anna left Kristoff to stay with the Northuldra and decide to head north, where the sound invites. The sisters found their parents' shipwrecked from the Black Sea here. What needs to be done is to trace Elsa's magical origin, but Elsa decides to force Anna and Olaf back and she will continue across the Black Sea towards Ahtohallan - where the north is waiting for her.

Anna and Olaf have an accident and drift into a cave, together they find the way out. At this time, Elsa tame a magic horse and went to sea with it, she followed the call in the iceberg and finally called for the four souls to merge, she herself is the fifth soul - the bridge between the human. kind and natural spirits, at the same time she knows the cause of the conflict but is different from her father's account of her grandfather. Under the infinite deep rock, the cold froze Elsa so she was forced to shoot the ice news to the mainland for Anna in the cave. Anna discovers Olaf is slowly melting, which is a sign signaling that Elsa is in trouble. Anna spent a tearful night saying goodbye to her snow friend. She received a message from Elsa, revealing that it was their grandfather who betrayed the Northuldra patriarch, making the natural spirits angry and at the same time the dam itself - a gift of friendship - was the trap. let his grandfather siege and conquer the Northuldra people. Anna decided to anger the giants of the land to borrow their hands to break the dam, to restore peace to this country. Elsa escapes from the ice and is brought back to Arendelle by the water horse in time to turn into a giant wall of ice to protect the kingdom from the flood.

Everyone is happy, Elsa is reunited with Anna, Olaf is revived and Anna accepts Kristoff's proposal. Elsa gave the queen to Anna herself, and she would rule the fairy forest and Ahtohallan.


Kristen Bell as Anna, Princess of Arendelle and Elsa's younger sister

Hadley Gannaway and Livvy Stubenrauch (archived sound) as young Anna

Idina Menzel as Elsa, Queen of Arendelle and Anna's elder sister who possesses magical ice powers

Mattea Conforti and Eva Bella (archived sound) as young Elsa

Josh Gad as Olaf, a sentient snowman created by Elsa's magic

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, an ice harvester and Anna's boyfriend Groff also provides the voices of Sven and the reindeer.

Sterling K. Brown as Mattias, the leader of a group of Arendelle soldiers who were trapped in the enchanted forest for over thirty years.

Evan Rachel Wood as Iduna, the mother of Elsa and Anna, and wife of Agnarr.

Delaney Rose Stein as young Iduna

Alfred Molina as Agnarr, the father of Elsa and Anna and husband of Iduna. He was previously voiced by Maurice LaMarche in the first film.