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Furie is a Vietnamese action film directed by Le Van Kiet and produced by Studio 68 with NHV Entertainment and distributed by Lotte Entertainment Vietnam. The film opens in domestic theaters on February 22, and in the US on March 1, 2019 and China on September 20, 2019. The film has the participation of actors Ngo Thanh Van, Mai Cat. Vy, Phan Thanh Nhien, Pham Anh Khoa, and Tran Thanh Hoa.

In addition to becoming the highest-grossing Vietnamese film of all time, Hai Phuong is also the film with the highest opening revenue ever with VND50 billion and was only broken by The Godfather in 2021. The film was selected to compete in the Best International Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards but was not included in the final list of nominations of the American Academy of Sciences.


The film is the suffocating and stressful journey of single mother Hai Phuong (Ngo Thanh Van) when she has to deal with a whole criminal ring of kidnapping and transnational organ trafficking to save her baby daughter. Mai's name (Mai Cat Vy). In order to save her son, Hai Phuong only had 14 hours to chase the kidnappers, and had to confront a lot of powerful gangsters, ready to destroy anyone who dared to stand in their way. Hai Phuong's journey to save her child becomes even more arduous and difficult when any small negligence will cost her and Mai's own lives.

Hai Phuong was born in a martial arts family, was taught martial arts by her strict father since she was a child. Growing up, she ran away from home and became a female Gypsy in Saigon. When she discovered she was pregnant, Phuong left the remote countryside to live in seclusion. She gave birth to a daughter, named Mai. When Mai was 10 years old, Phuong worked as a debt collector to take care of her daughter's education. One day, little Mai went to the riverbank to sit and was kidnapped by bad guys, Phuong knocked down a few gangsters and tried to chase. She rode a motorbike on the shore while Mai's kidnappers rode a motorboat on the river, but she could not catch up.

Phuong then asked to hitchhike a truck to go to Saigon to chase the kidnappers. Arriving in Saigon, Phuong went to the old bar to meet Huong - her best friend asking for help. Huong refused and directed Phuong to a nearby police station to report. In the police station, Phuong discovered that her daughter's kidnappers belonged to a large ring that specializes in kidnapping children and selling organs. She stole some police documents to investigate alone. She went to Truc's house - a criminal in the kidnapping line, fought with him a match and then persuaded him to reveal the whereabouts of the kidnappers.

Phuong found the kidnapper's lair, and discovered that Mai and many other children were locked here, she defeated a few thugs but could not fight the female leader Thanh Wolf with high martial arts skills. Before fainting, Phuong heard the number of the train car that the Thanh Wolves were about to transport the children to Phan Thiet. The criminals then killed her by throwing her into the river, but she was saved by the police. Waking up in the hospital, Phuong meets Luong - a police commander who is investigating recent child abductions. The police wanted to keep Phuong so that she wouldn't cause any more trouble. Phuong ran away from the hospital with the help of a kind nurse. She went to her brother's house and the two brothers had an argument. Phuong met Luong again, the two went to the station together to find the train car of the Qing Wolves.

On the train, a fierce battle took place between Phuong, Luong and the subordinates of Thanh Wolf. Phuong confronts Thanh Wolf again, continues to be beaten by her. It seemed that she could not get up, but Phuong remembered her father's advice to be resilient, she stood up and fought back fiercely. The climax was when Thanh Wolf attacked with a knife, Phuong successfully fought back and killed her, while Luong called for more support. The train car stops, this time Phuong has to confront a group of criminals armed with guns, and she is injured. The police force came to arrest the criminals and rescue the children, Phuong and her mother were reunited. The case of this kidnapping ring was brought to the news. At the end of the film, Phuong is lying in the hospital, and Mai asks her mother to teach her martial arts.


Veronica Ngo as Hai Phuong, an ex-gangster now living with her daughter in the countryside. She is skilled in Vovinam. Cat Vy as Mai, her daughter

Phan Thanh Nhien as Detective Luong, a detective also skilled in Vovinam.

Pham Anh Khoa as Truc

Tran Thanh Hoa as Thanh Soi