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About the movie Infamous (2020)

Infamous is a 2020 American crime thriller film written and directed by Joshua Caldwell. It stars Bella Thorne, Jake Manley, Amber Riley, Michael Sirow, and Marisa Coughlan. It follows the story of two young lovers robbing their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result.

The film was released on June 12, 2020, by Vertical Entertainment, and received negative reviews from critics. However, Thorne's performance received critical acclaim and was cited as the highlight of the film.


Arielle lives in Florida with her mother Janet, who has a deadbeat boyfriend named Bobby. Arielle enjoys social media and has few followers. One night, she goes to a party where she gets into a fight and beats up a girl while everyone at the party films the fight and posts it on social media. Arielle immediately gains 147 new followers.

Dean Taylor is new to town and stays with his father. Arielle meets him while he is working on his car. They spend time together at a party, where Dean reveals he was in prison for armed robbery and assault, and that his parole requires him to be with his father since his mother is dead. His father is an abusive drunk. She tells him how badly she wants to get out of Florida and go to Hollywood to be famous.

One day, Arielle finds all her saved money missing. Right away, she bursts into Janet's room where she and Bobby are in bed. Arielle accuses Bobby of stealing her money and attacks Bobby, but Bobby pushes her and she hits her head against the wall. Arielle leaves after threatening to kill him. She goes to Dean's home and finds his father beating him. Arielle tries to intervene but again gets hit on her head after getting thrown to the ground. Dean fights his father who ends up falling down the stairs and dies after hitting his head. Arielle and Dean begin to leave town right away but realizing that they have no money, they decide to rob a gas station with Dean's gun. Arielle live streams as Dean commits the robbery. Dean is unaware of being live-streamed.

Arielle sees that her social media account has three thousand followers. Dean becomes angry when he learns that Arielle has been live-streaming their crimes, but Arielle says she used an IP blocker and did not show their faces. She says it will lead to fame and money. Still short on money, Dean suggests they rob a dispensary next. This time, Dean films as Arielle does the robbing.

With more crimes filmed, Arielle's account gains over three million followers. Eventually, the police identify them and Dean and Arielle see their faces on the news. Dean is angry about social media, but Arielle is elated to be famous. On the road, they get pulled over, and Dean tells Arielle not to start anything. When the officer goes to check their IDs, Arielle exits the car and shoots the officer.

Arielle and Dean go into hiding for a while and this leads to Arielle losing her subscribers and followers. Dean and Arielle get into an argument where Dean tries to make her realize how serious of a crime she committed whereas Arielle says that she did it for him but Dean disagrees as he thinks she did it for fame. Even though they have enough money and do not need anymore, Arielle still goes off on her own to commit a robbery at a gas station and accidentally kills a customer who startled her. The clerk manages to grab a gun and shoots Arielle in the shoulder as she flees.

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