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In Ann Arbor, Michigan, 15-year-old Max Thieriot dedicated his lover, a snowball ball to Annie Sophia Robb. The bully Mark Kobold (Jesse James) threw it onto the frozen river. When trying to retrieve it, David fell into the ice and was dragged away by the ocean currents. He suddenly found himself in the local library and discovered his ability to "jump" from one place to another. Surprised by his new abilities, he left his abused father (Michael Rooker) and ran away from home.

Eight years later, an adult David (Hayden Christensen) lived a luxurious life on the stolen money he got from "jumping into" the bank vault. One day, he was buried in his home by the commander of the Paladins, Samuel L. Jackson, a secret society of religious fanatics who vowed to hunt down and kill the "Leaper" ". Their defense is that the so-called rudeness of the jumper is blasphemy. Roland tried to capture David with a cable designed to invalidate his abilities, but David escaped. He returns to Ann Arbor to seek his old fan, Rachel Bilson. When Mark (Teddy Dunn) attacked him, David transported him to a bank vault and trapped him. David then returned to Millie and invited her to travel to Rome. Roland later found Mark in police custody and learned about David's identity.

David and Millie arrived in Rome, even though he kept it secret. After the conversation, they shared a kiss and had sex. They visited the Colosseum, where David met another jumper Griffin (Jamie Bell). A group of Paladins appeared, Griffin killed them casually, and then jumped away. David tried to leave with Millie, but he has been detained by the Italian police and asked about the cause of death. David's mother Mary (Diane Lane) left him when he was five years old and appeared and helped him escape. She urged him to leave Rome with Millie to protect her. When David tried to circumvent the problem, Millie felt frustrated and terrified, and he demanded to know the truth. David refused and put her on the plane home.


  • David/David Rice (Actors: Hayden Christensen, Max Hiro (boyhood)) The male protagonist, in a dispute with his classmates, he found out that he had the ability to move people, so he chose to leave the home he could not live in for a long time. Even so, he still regarded that place as his home subconsciously.. .... In the movie version, the spelling of the name "David" is different from the novel version. The spelling of the name "David" is Davy.
  • Millie Harris (Actor: Rachel Bilson, Anna Sophia Robb (boyhood)) David's childhood sweetheart from childhood, was involved in the war between the mobile man and the Paladin, and he could only choose to avoid chasing and killing with David.
  • Roland Cox (Roland Cox, actor: Samuel Jackson) The leader of the paladin organization, who specializes in hunting existing mobile people. The name seems to be taken from Roland, the male protagonist of Roland's Song, and the surname of Cox is the surname of Brian Cox, the prototype of the novel version of "Mobile World".
  • Mary Rice (Actor: Diane Lane) David's mother, a member of the Paladin, left David when David was five years old, and has never been forgiven by David. When David was five years old, after she discovered David's ability, she had to choose between the Paladins and her son. In the end, she chose to leave David and let him continue to live freely. When David encountered difficulties in Italy, he warned him and helped him leave.
  • Griffin/Grey (Griffin, actor: Jamie Bell) The mobile man David met in the Roman Arena lives in the Sahara Desert. He told David a lot about mobile man. It is a new role in the movie. Later, the original author wrote a rumor called "Mobile World: Grey's Story" based on his background in the movie.
  • Mark (Mark, actors: Teddy Dunn, Jesse James (boyhood)) Mi Li's former boyfriend is called David "Rice Worm" every time (David's last name is Rice), because David looked weak at that time. Later he was thrown into the bank vault by David, and then imprisoned. During the interrogation, he told Luo Lan what he (Mark) knew about David and indirectly killed David's father William.
  • William Rice (Actor: Michael Luke) David's father, who was almost indifferent to David's affairs, had alcohol dependence. Sophie (Sophie, actor: Christine Stewart) The daughter of David's mother Mary, who was born after her remarriage, appeared when David went to find her mother and opened the door to greet him.


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