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Love, Again (2019)


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About the movie Love, Again (2019)

Hyun Woo enjoys his freedom after his divorce, whether he wanted it or not. He’s forced to come face-to-face with his ex-wife, and fearing that he’d go back to the routine of his nightmarish marriage life, he wants to avoid her at all costs. But hearing that she has a new boyfriend makes him restless. Furthermore, her boyfriend is his high school rival.


A married couple Hyeon-woo and Seon-yeong plan a divorce ceremony on a whim because of a series of conflicts, embarrassing themselves and ending the marriage on a bad note. When Seon-yeong starts dating Hyeon-woo’s old buddy, Sang-Cheol (Lee Jong-hyeok), matters start to get complicated and awkward. The ex-spouses go through a journey of understanding their feelings and slowly mature while getting into hilarious situations.

The heart of Love Again is the struggle of Hyeon-woo and Seon-yeong with their impulsive decision to separate. While their gripes with one another’s bad habits are spot on and relatable for married couples, the exaggeration is a reminder of how a moment of frustration can lead to an argument that gets blown out of proportion… And we often regret the decisions made in the heat of the moment.

Love Again has its moments of rom-com tropes. That said, not all are cringy, and some are pretty well-done. After Seon-yeong started dating Sang-Cheol for real, the former and Hyeon-woo undergo their journeys of realization about what a good thing they had before the split. Less the third act and selected parts, the tropes are more or less palatable.

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