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Middle School Girl A (2018)


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About the movie Middle School Girl A (2018)

Jang Mi-Rae (Kim Hwan-Hee) is an introverted and timid high school student. The other students in her class treated her as an outcast. At home, she lives in fear of her violent alcoholic father. She escapes into her online role-playing games and story-writing. Things appear to look up when popular female student Baek-Hab (Jung Da-Bin) approaches her to become friends. But Baek-Hab has her selfish reasons for befriending Mi-Rae. Mi-Rae also befriends a young man whom she knows through online games. He spends his days giving away free hugs in a park in the hope to meet someone from his past. As they spend more time together, Mi-Rae slowly moves out of her shell and gains the courage to face the challenges before her.


This is quite an engrossing film though rather dark at times as it tackles young people’s stressful life that suicide seemed their only option.

Having said that no one died in this movie. And the ending is satisfying.

Mi Rae is in middle school, She is a smart girl and she was good at writing stories.

But despite her abilities and accomplishments, she is often alone and shunned by fellow pupils. This was because she comes from a dysfunctional family where her father is a violent alcoholic and would often use his fists against her until she’s bloodied and bruised.

Her mother though was too busy and too tired from her job that she does not notice or rather ignore what was happening.

The only escape for young Mi Rae was an online game world where she is a part of a team that battles the underworld baddies.

Mi Rae works as a school library assistant where she was befriended by Tae Young.

Tae Young rather led her on. He was very attentive toward her that she developed a crush on him which she thought was mutual.

He was her classmate and so was Baek Hap who started talking to her and wanting to know what Mi Rei was always writing in her notebook.

Mi Rei told her that it was a story and let Baek Hap read it. It was about a bird with no name and a wolf.

The wolf gave the bird a name which was ‘A’ and lots of encouragement.

Baek Hap said that it was very good and she can’t wait for how the story would progress.

Tae Young encouraged her to enter a school story writing contest.

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