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Miss Granny s a 2014 Korean romantic comedy film by Hwang Dong. -hyuk is the director [1]. The veteran actress Na Moon-hee plays a 70-year-old woman who finds herself back as a 20-year-old girl (Shim Eun-kyung) after entering the mysterious Thanh Xuan photo shop.

After opening in theaters on January 22, 2014, the film broke out into one of the highest box office grosses with 8.65 million tickets sold.


Oh Mal-soon is a 74-year-old widow who lives with her only son, Ban Hyun-chul. She wears dentures, is stubborn, directing, and self-pity, often in conflict with her depressed daughter-in-law, Ae-ja. But she always prided herself on the hardship of raising her only son to become a university professor teaching geriatrics.

One day, Ae-ja collapses from stress and fatigue, and is hospitalized because she cannot stand the pressure to live with her mother-in-law. Her doctors also advised her to live away from Mal-soon soon. Mrs. Mal-soon heard that she was about to be admitted to a nursing home, so extremely sad, she wandered on the street. She happened to see a mysterious photo shop that recorded youthful moments. She entered the shop with the desire to take a photo used for the funeral later, but when she walked out of the shop and got on the bus, she was amazed to see the reflection reflected in the glass: a 20-year-old girl. Medium, fresh.

At first, not knowing what to do, Mrs. Mal-soon fled from her family and hired Mr. Park's friend's house to work part time at the coffee shop. She decided to take this heavenly opportunity to fulfill her unsuccessful plans. She changed her name to Oh Doo-ri because she has always admired actress Audrey Hepburn, styled her hair like in the classic Roman Holiday and determined to make use of her youth.

Similar to the Korean title "She's suspicious", everyone can see the young Doo-ri talking, behaving and walking strangely like an old lady. After making many people in the cafe swoon with her wonderful voice, Doo-ri grabs the attention of grandson Ban Ji-ha and music producer Han Seung-woo. Ji-ha invited Doo-ri to his heavy metal rock band, she persuaded the band to switch to a genre that was more pleasing to the listener, so she became the main vocalist and the band became famous. .

Doo-ri is extremely happy to be pursuing the singing career she dreamed of from a young age. In the meantime, she falls in love with three men: the old widower Park, her nephew Ji-ha does not know she is her grandmother, and producer Seung-woo is always waiting for her.

The TV station is recruiting musical talents, Ji-ha's band has been chosen by Seung-woo and allowed to perform on the upcoming live show, despite the objections of female assistant Soo-yeon. Mr. Park finds Mrs. Mal-soon's belongings in Doo-ri's room, and Doo-ri reveals everything to him. Mr. Park is surprised to learn that Doo-ri is the young Mal-soon, he keeps this secret from telling anyone.

The live show was a success thanks to Doo-ri's sweet voice that moved the audience's hearts. To celebrate this, Seung-woo and Soo-yeon took Ji-ha's band out at the water park, and Mr. Park was also accompanied. Seung-woo asks Doo-ri about her personal life, but she refuses to answer. When she got home, Mr. Park discovered that if Doo-ri bleeds, she will age. Park Na-young - Park's daughter misunderstood Doo-ri to seduce Mr. Park to usurp property, so she kicked her out of the house. Doo-ri goes to sleep temporarily at Seung-woo's house, which makes Ji-ha jealous.

Ji-ha's band performed in another live show. Ji-ha unfortunately gets hit by a car while on the way to the theater. Everyone is about to cancel the show to go to the hospital to visit him, but Doo-ri suggests the band should continue acting. The show succeeds again when Doo-ri sings a cheerful and cheerful song composed by Ji-ha herself. She then goes to her blood transfusion hospital to save Ji-ha's life because she shares the same blood type as him, helping him through the crisis. Since then the beautiful young Doo-ri disappears, the old woman Mal-soon returns to everyone. Some time later, Ban Ha-na - Ji-ha's sister as the main singer in his band, replaces Doo-ri. Hyun-chul, Ae-ja and Mrs. Mal-soon went to see the sisters' concerts. Mrs. Mal-soon walked out of the theater to see Seung-woo standing in the distance, smiling happily at the beautiful time.


Shim Eun-kyung as Oh Doo-ri

Na Moon-hee as Oh Mal-soon

Park In-hwan as Mr. Park

Sung Dong-il as Ban Hyun-chul

Lee Jin-wook as Han Seung-woo

Hwang Jung-min as Ae-ja

Kim Seul-gie as Ban Ha's niece

Jinyoung as Ban Ji-ha's nephew

Kim Hyun-sook as Park Na-young