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Monster Hunt is a 2015 Chinese action-fantasy-comedy-adventure film directed by Raman Hui and starring Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Jiang Wu, and Elaine Jin. It was released in China on July 16, 2015 in 3D and IMAX 3D, 1 and in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. After its release it became a great commercial success, breaking numerous records and winning the title of the highest grossing film in China, 2 before The Mermaid surpassed its figures in 2016.3 In North America it saw its premiere on January 22, 2016 in 2D and 3D by FilmRise film company. A sequel, titled Monster Hunt 2, was released in China in 2018.


The film takes place in ancient China, where humans coexisted alongside monsters. They once shared the world in peace and harmony until humans expelled them from their home, as they sought full control of their lands. Recently, a civil war took place in the Monster Kingdom, resulting in the usurpation of the Monster King's throne by a treacherous minister, leading the Monster Queen to seek refuge in the middle of a human settlement. The story begins with Song Tianyin, a nervous young village chief, and an aspiring monster hunter named Huo Xiaolan, who embark on an adventure to protect monsters from human cruelty.


Bai Baihe as Huo Xiaolan

Jing Boran as Song Tianyin

Jiang Wu is Luo Gang

Elaine Jin is the grandmother

Wallace Chung as Ge Qianhu

Eric Tsang as Gao

Sandra Kwan Yue Ng is Ying

Wei Tang is the owner of the store

Ni Yan is Luo Ying


In China, Monster Hunt was originally due to be released in February 2015, during the Chinese New Year holiday. However, following the arrest of Kai Ko, an actor who was to play one of the leading roles, much of the film had to be replaced and recorded again. This delayed its release until July 16, 2015. Regarding its showing in theaters in the United States and Europe, the producers were initially skeptical and doubted that it could find a general audience there, since it was created to address an audience. Chinese-speaking.

In September 2015, the film company FilmRise acquired the distribution rights to the film in North America. In the same month, director Raman Hui spoke to Forbes about the possibility of dubbing the film in English, as audiences A younger person would have difficulty reading the subtitles. An English version of the trailer was released in December 2015, and on January 22, 2016 the film was released in the United States and Canada in 2D and 3D formats.. It ended its tour of theaters in China on September 17, 2015, being screened for 59 days. It premiered in South Korea on November 12, 2015 in 2D format.


On the review website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 66% approval rating, based on 22 reviews with an average of 5.7 out of 10.12 It has a 53% Metacritic score, based on 14 reviews.

Elizabeth Kerr of The Hollywood Reporter referred to the film as "an aspiring epic fantasy that is epically confusing." Edmund Lee of the South China Morning Post gave it three out of five possible stars, stating that it is "an action debut in I live distinctively Chinese, 'but which' tackles a litany of clichés and is more compelling as a cultural commentary than as entertainment '. Derek Elley of Film Business Asia scored it seven points, calling it' well-crafted family entertainment that disguises its lack of originality with high-end animation effects.

Writing for the portal rogerbert.com, Simon Abrams gave it two and a half stars out of four possible, assuring that although “the story never goes anywhere unexpected, parents really should see Monster Hunt with their children. It is silly, exaggerated and perfect to pass the time. Club garnered a mixed review: "Monster Hunt combines a lot of qualities: epic action, elaborate special effects, comedy and a style that could best be described as 'exhausting'"


The film had a second part, titled Monster Hunt 2 and starring Tony Leung, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Li Yuchun and Tony Yang. It was released in China on February 16, 2018.18 In February 2017, director Raman Hui and producer Bill Kong discussed a third and fourth film in order to make the project into a franchise. In 2018 both expressed their desire to make a third part in animation format that could serve as a potential spin-off.


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