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Ordinary People (2018)


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About the movie Ordinary People (2018)

Ordinary People is a 2018 South Korean action thriller film directed by Im Jin-sun, starring Ma Dong-seok and Kim Sae-ron. It was released on November 7, 2018


A high school girl goes missing in a countryside town, but no one blinks an eye. Everyone goes on with their lives as if nothing has happened; as if everything is okay. In the midst of this, a new PE teacher, “Ki-Chul” (Don Lee), comes to the school, and instantly senses that something isn’t right. He comes across “Yujin,” a friend of the missing girl and the only person that’s actually looking for the lost student, and incidentally joins her in the search. Yujin is confident that her friend was kidnapped, and that if they don’t look for her, then no one will. As they continue looking for the missing girl, they find that someone is continuously erasing the trace of the girl. The mystery of the missing student becomes stranger and stranger as more and more clues are unveiled.

Ordinary People was a movie that had action, suspense, humor, and mystery, and is definitely a watchable film. It didn’t have an out-of-this-world story that’s new and original, but I’d say it’s a good light movie to watch, especially if you’re a fan of the Hulk-like Don Lee destroying everything. Just don’t have too high of an expectation going into it.

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