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Police Story 2 (1988)

Hong Kong

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Police Story 2 is a 1988 Hong Kong action film, written, directed and starring Jackie Chan as Chan Ka-kui. It is a sequel to the hit 1985 film Police Story, continuing the storyline of Chan's character "Kevin" Chan Ka-kui, and is the second installment of the Police Story series. It also marks the last appearance in the Lam Kwok-Hung series as Superintendent Raymond Li, Chor Yuen as Chu Tao and Charlie Cho as John Ko.


Inspector Chan Ka-kui was demoted to the highway patrol as a result of his previous case, which involved the violent arrest of crime lord Chu Tao and heavy property damage. The new duty pleases his girlfriend, May, who is happy that her boyfriend is no longer accepting difficult cases and has more time to see her.

However, the happy mood changes when Ka-Kui is greeted by Chu Tao and his right arm with glasses John Ko. It appears that Chu Tao is terminally ill, with only three months left to live, so he was released from prison and, while still alive, he swears to make Ka-Kui's life difficult. John Ko and some henchmen appear at Ka-Kui's apartment and intimidate him, prompting the police to attack. Later, May and her aunt are beaten by John Ko and his men. Ka-Kui can no longer contain himself and attacks John Ko and his men in a restaurant.

Ashamed of his behavior, Ka-Kui resigned from the Hong Kong Royal Police Force. He plans to travel to Bali with May, but while he is at a travel agency in a shopping mall, some police officers see him and report that the mall is under bomb threat. Unable to resist the urge to get involved in police work, Ka-Kui tells police to sound the fire alarm and clean up the mall, and agrees to take responsibility for the decision. A bomb actually explodes and the entire mall is destroyed by the explosion.

Ka-Kui is praised for his efforts, and he is reinstated and assigned to solve the bombing case. Ka-Kui plants a hidden listening device in the mall's real estate office to try to learn more about the suicide bombers. This leads to a suspect that he is deaf and dumb and is a fierce martial artist and explosives expert.

The bomber gang, knowing that the police are after them, plans a simultaneous bombing of the real estate and police headquarters. They double his ransom demand to $ 20 million and kidnap May, luring Ka-Kui into a trap in which he is tied up with an explosive vest and forced to take money from the real estate company's extortion. However, after taking the money, Ka-Kui tells the gang that they are being chased and split up. Ka-kui, still holding the rescue, is able to drive his car through a tunnel so that the bomb he is carrying cannot be activated and he removes it. He then goes to rescue May, who is being held in a warehouse full of fireworks. Ka-Kui again faces the deaf-mute man, who throws small incendiary bombs at him. Ka-Kui then gains the advantage and brutally retaliates against the dumb man, finally throwing him from a third-floor walkway into a pile of plastic drums below. Ka-Kui then rescues May and leaves the warehouse, just as he explodes in a huge fireball.


Jackie Chan as Sergeant "Kevin" Chan Ka-kui a.k.a.

Maggie Cheung as May

Bill Tung as "Uncle" Bill Wong / Inspector Chou Lam Kwok-Hung as Superintendent Raymond Li

Chor Yuen as Chu Tu a.k.a. Tom Koo (New Line Cinema English dub)

Charlie Cho as John Ko a.k.a. John Chow (New Line Cinema English dub)


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