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Psychokinesis is a 2018 South Korean superhero film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The film stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, Park Jung-min, Kim Min-jae and Jung Yu-mi in the lead roles. This is director Yeon Sang-ho's second live-action film, following his live-action debut Train to Busan in 2016. It is the first South Korean superhero film, and revolves around a bank security guard who gains telekinetic superpowers after drinking water from a mountain spring affected by a meteor, and decides to use them for saving his estranged daughter and her neighborhood from an evil construction company.

Psychokinesis was released on January 31, 2018 in South Korean theaters, in both 2D as well as ScreenX formats. The film was later on made available to stream globally on Netflix starting April 25, 2018.


Shin Roo-mi runs a successful fried chicken restaurant in Seoul. She becomes involved in a real estate battle with a mob-run construction company, Tae-san. The company plans to demolish her small business and construct a large shopping center for Chinese tourists. One night while Roo-mi is forcibly evicted from her shop by hired thugs, her mother is killed in the violent clash. Later in the hospital, the death of Roo-mi's mother is interspersed with shots of a falling meteor.

Seok-heon, a seemingly happy-go-lucky security guard who engages in petty theft, gains telekinetic powers after he drinks water from a mountain spring hit by the meteor. Roo-mi contacts Seok-heon, her estranged father, to inform him of his former wife's death and subsequent funeral. There he witnesses a confrontation between Roo-mi and President Min, who manages Tae-san's operations. Min attempts to compensate Roo-mi for her loss, but she furiously refuses and demands that he leave the premises. Seok-heon learns more about the turf war from Kim Jung-hyun, a young attorney representing the legal interests of Roo-mi and the other local shop owners. Seok-heon tries to reconnect with Roo-mi, but she is still hurt by his abandonment of her as a child. When he later tries to demonstrate his newfound ability, Roo-mi accuses Seok-heon of being an irresponsible parent.

The shop owners join Roo-mi in a shared legal battle against Tae-san, as they have been refused compensation for the loss of their businesses. While they barricade themselves in a shopping arcade, Tae-san's thugs arrive and begin assaulting them. Seok-heon arrives and uses his powers to fight off the assailants, leaving everybody around him in shock and wonder. When Min attempts to report the events to the police, the officer on duty does not believe him, much to the shop owners' amusement and delight.

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