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About the movie ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad: The movie

Eiga ST Aka to Shirō no Sōsa File is a 2015 Japanese suspense mystery police drama film directed by Tōya Satō. The film is a spinoff of the television series ST Aka to Shirō no Sōsa File. It was released on January 10, 2015.


Chain occurrence of zombie-like murder cases calls upon SAMON AKAGI (Tatsuya Fujiwara), a genius forensic investigator with an unerring instinct of precisely analyzing any crime scene to the most minuscule details by a mere glance-- his colleagues are constantly amazed by his gift. But Akagi's infallibility is point arrogant to those around him, and his current rebound for his phobia of people and society triggered by a traumatic past does not make him the most amiable person. Practically a hermit, he stays locked up in his apartment until a crime scene needs him, or otherwise will only answer to meal delivery or when his younger boss, TOMOHISA YURINE (Masaki Okada) comes knocking on his door. Yurine is quite the opposite. With his fresh looks and cutely curly hair, no one would guess a young lad to be a "captain" in the police force. Whether being polite or just plain timid, Yurine is a typical "can't-say-no" kind of guy and is promoted to babysit over the Scientific Investigation Squad, or shortly called the "ST" for their role as a scientific task force.

The ST is a group of outcasts through each highly talented in their realm of specialty. Besides Akagi, the team includes a female profiler with a boyish appearance and a phobia of "orderly" things who is never afraid to speak out, a female physicist with a superhuman healing ability that can pick up sounds afar and constant fear of being "constrained," a combat-skilled chemist with an acute sense of smell and an aversion to pointy objects, and a monk who would have won the Nobel prize in chemistry if he had chosen the path to do so. In short, the "ST" is a menagerie of odd people which makes Yurine question whether his promotion was just a one-way ticket off of the career track...But gradually, the ST team begins to grow on Yurine, as he does everything he can to sustain the team. Can the ST prove themselves worthy of their badge and prevent their disintegration, and will Akagi and Yurine's partnership somehow find common ground to overcome their differences?

After a successful airing of a special two-hour drama in 2013 and high expectations from fans, ST: MPD Scientific Investigation Squad returns with a thread of mind-perplexing mysteries taken from the original novel series by Bin Konno and an ever so talented cast led by the handsome two actors, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Masaki Okada. Watch as two different people collide and simultaneously infuse one another's perceptions to solve the mysteries filled with high-paced action scenes and utterly atypical characters.

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