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Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)


Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) Cast

Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) Review


"Sabaha" is a Korean film released on February 20, 2019.

The term'Sabaha, Sanskrit' used as the title of this work is attached to the end of the mantra in Buddhism and means'to achieve smoothly' after a certain spell is memorized. This word comes from the meaning known as'Sabaha'.


The story begins with the birth of a gold coin and a twin sister named'it'. Gold coins are born with deformed legs and are raised in remote villages with grandparents raising dogs for a living. 'It', which didn't live long, is hidden from the public eye by being trapped in a warehouse in the backyard. Gold coins seem to fear twins and grandparents. This is especially true when the grandmother asks God for forgiveness because of the way she treats it. When some locals try to inspect a warehouse, a snake crawls out of the warehouse and is bitten.

Meanwhile, Pastor Park, who is engaged in cult revelation, is hired to investigate a mysterious group called'Deer Mountain'. At the same time, the police initiate a group investigation, one of its members, a leading suspect on the charges of the murder of a girl buried in concrete.

In the village where gold coins live, tensions rise as the villagers' suspicion grows. Mysterious events begin to occur in which animals behave unnaturally. As Pastor Park delves deeper into the worship of Deer Mountain, he discovers a legend of Buddhism and parallels his Christian faith in it. Kim Chul-jin (accused of murdering a girl) met the ghost of a girl who was murdered at the company's construction site. After suicide by a leading police suspect on suspicion of killing a girl found in concrete, Park discovered that he may have been considered one of the four "guardians of the wind" by the cult. Park learns that four boys imprisoned for murder at a young age were adopted by Kim Je-seok, a man who started the mountain of deer. The man who committed suicide was one of those boys, and the other two died while they were also involved in the murders of young girls. One seems to remain large and is plotting to kill the gold coins. Deer Mountain's scriptures tell of 81 "snakes" that will come to kill "light."

Pastor Park is talking with a Tibetan monk. A Tibetan monk talks about a meeting he met with Kim Je-seok, who will start the deer mountain a few years ago. He said that the man has twelve fingers, a sign of holiness, is an immortal being over 100 years old and was born in 1899. Park realized that in the Deer Mountain scriptures he was talking about a "snake" that kills the light. "Born in the same village a hundred years later. Park concluded that the cult founder Kim Je-seok is'lightness' and that the reason the'guardian of the wind' kills young girls is an attempt to eradicate all possible snakes. In the same village in 1999. Park is a Christian mythology. In reflects on the similarities between this series of murders and innocent massacres.

The last remaining "Guardian of the Wind" tries to kill the gold coin, but stops when she asks him to kill his demonic twin sister "It". The killer confronts "it" in the warehouse, but she poses as a Buddha, says "light" is a scam and predicts the future. 'Guardian' goes to kill Kim Je-seok. Pastor Park, who tried to stop the murder case, finds and rescues the shooting "Guardian". Park faces'Light' but cannot stop him, and both of them become distracted and die'Guardian' gets into the car driven by Kim Je-seok. When the "light" goes away, the "guardian" kills him.

When you learn that gold coins survived, the movie ends with Pastor Park, who ponders the reason why God causes people to suffer.


  • Lee Jung-jae as Pastor Park
  • Park Jung-min as Na-han
  • Lee Jae-in as Geum-hwa
  • Jung Jin-young as Chief Hwang
  • Lee David as Joseph
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Monk Hae-an
  • Ji Seung-hyun as Kim Cheol-jin
  • Min Tanaka as Nechung Tenpa
  • Cha Sun-bae as Manager monk
  • Hwang Jung-min as Deaconess Sim
  • Lee Hang-na as Park Eun-hye
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Kim Je-seok
  • Moon Chang-gil as Geum-hwa's grandfather
  • Lee Joo-sil as Geum-hwa's mother
  • Cha Rae-hyung as Detective Jo
  • Oh Yoon-hong as Bodhisattva Yeon-hwa
  • Kim Hong-pa as Prison governor
  • Kim Geum-soon as Jecheon shaman
  • Park Ji-hwan as Jang-seok
  • Kim So-sook as Cheol-jin's mother
  • Kwon Gwi-bin as Na-han's mother
  • Moon Sook as Myung-hee
  • Lee Dae-hyeon as Dr. Noh
  • Bae Hae-sun as Autopsy doctor
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as Cattle shed owner
  • Jung Seo-in as Cattle shed owner's wife
  • Baek Seung-chul as Geum-hwa's father
  • Lee Sang-woo as Head monk
  • Yoo Ji-tae


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