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The Cursed Lesson (2020)


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The Cursed Lesson (2020) Review

About the movie The Cursed Lesson (2020)

Title: 요가 학원: 죽음 의 쿤달리니 / yogahakwon: jukeumeui kundallini

English title: The Cursed Lesson

Release Date: November 18, 2020

Country: South Korea

Genre: Horror

Duration: 93 min

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Online fashion model Hyo Jeong faces the looming threat of being unemployed as the younger and more stylish generation will follow.

While answering about surgical treatments and procedures, Hyo Jeong learns of a mysterious yoga class that helps make the perfect body shape of her former high school classmate, Ga Yeong. Hyo Jeong finally attends yoga class with three classmates: Mi Yeon, a boxer who failed to keep her body fit, Ji Won, who has an unstable mental condition, and Ye Na, a movie star who is obsessed with her appearance. Meanwhile, the police begin to investigate the enigma behind this yoga class after discovering that a murder in the neighborhood was committed by a woman named Bo Ra, a former student of the yoga class ...

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