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The Inseparable Bros (2019)


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The Inseparable Bros (2019) Review


Inseparable Bros is a psychological and emotional film that quickly enters the hearts of viewers. Sang Hyo Yook directs the movie with a trio of actors Lee Kwang Soo, Shin Ha Kyun and Esom.

The Ideal is inspired by the true story of two brothers "neither with father nor mother" but who have been dependent on each other for more than 20 years. Kang Se Ha (Shin Ha Kyun) is quadriplegic, so he is always the eldest brother who loves, protects, is solid support for his younger brother. Dong-gu (Lee Kwang Soo) is a tall, zombie-like man with an innocent soul like a child who always wants to protect his brother. The two spend peaceful and happy days together with their new friend Mi-hyun (Esom) until Dong-gu returns to his family. That was when the two brothers realized they could not live without each other.

The content of the film is gentle, favouring family affection, especially brotherhood.

When the weak unite together, they will create muscular strength. As the saying goes, "One tree makes no young / Three trees cluster together to make a high mountain". The Ideal Child has once again affirmed the strength of solidarity and immortal belief. To everyone, Se Ha and Dong-gu are two people with many defects, but they have proven that they can still overcome all difficulties in life together.

Besides, the film also highlights the meaningful message about the family. Family love comes from completely alien people. Love does not have any distance or barrier; just sympathetic souls will come together on their own.


The next big plus of The Ideal is the participation in the acting of the talented cast. Shin Ha Kyun, with the role, does not use much in terms of the body but has to make the most of the character's facial expressions and charisma. Ha Kyun truthfully expresses every word of happiness, sadness, anger, and pain through his face and voice. Lee Kwang Soo continued with the bashful role but did not disappoint viewers with his natural, entertaining, and mentally heavy acting. The character he plays this time essentially conveys emotions through his gestures and eyes (as opposed to Se Ha). The beautiful rose of the movie is Esom, a 9x girl who brings youthfulness and dynamism to the cinema.


The Ideal is very suitable for those who love funny psychology but equally depressed. Coming to the movie, the audience will relax and relax and indulge in the touching story about the two brothers Se Ha and Dong-gu.