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Riding a white horse, Tang Seng was chased by a vicious tiger on the road. He hid in a cave and saw Monkey King who had been crushed under the Five Elements Mountain for five hundred years. Tang Seng took down the magic talisman on the stone and made Monkey King free. , Monkey King quickly killed the tiger. After Wu Kong understood that Xuanzang was the monk he was going to accompany to the west to obtain the truth, he was forced to wear a diamond hoop. A dragon ate the white horse that Tang Seng was riding, so Wukong defeated the dragon and turned it into a new white dragon horse. On the way, Tang Seng and Wukong met Zhu Bajie who was greedy and lustful and Monk Sha who was honest and patience. Wukong subdued the two of them, and the two also understood that they would follow Tang Seng to go to Xitian to learn the scriptures.

The four masters and apprentices walked through a remote field and found that an old woman and two daughters lived in a house here. This was the transformation of the bone spirit and several enchantresses under his team. The bone spirit wanted to eat the Tang monk because she wanted to Become a banshee forever without being reincarnated as a human being. At first Wukong's fiery eyes and golden eyes were confused by Mrs. Bones's magic. Later, Wukong saw the true colors of these banshees, and beat them to death one by one, but the monsters all fled. Tang Seng, Bajie and Drifting complained that Wukong killed the innocent indiscriminately, making Wukong endure grievances.

The four masters and apprentices came to the border of Yunhaixi and received the king’s enthusiasm. The king told Tang Seng that the children here had been harmed by the bone spirit. Soon the bone lady came and told Tang Seng and others that what the king said was a lie to cover up. Own sinful behavior. Wukong, Bajie and Drifting fight with the bone spirit and his subordinates, but Tang Seng was snatched by the king's subordinates and locked up. It turned out that the king was cursed and needed to drink the blood of children every day to survive. He is now To use Tang Seng's flesh and blood to cure one's own sickness permanently. Later, Wukong rescued Tang Seng and released all the children in the cell.

The Tang monk who was preparing to leave the country on the street received grand gratitude from a large number of local people. Among them, Mrs. Bone and her subordinates disguised as a released girl and their mother was preparing to assassinate the Tang monk. Wukong, who was disguised, saw the body of the woman and girl. Killed one by one, the grieving Tang Seng cursed Wukong, and Wukong, who couldn't bear the pain, decided to leave Tang Seng and return to Huaguo Mountain, but was obstructed by Guanyin on the way back.

After Wukong left, Tang Seng was quickly taken away by the Bone Spirit. Ba Jie and Drifting had no idea at first, and Ba Jie was still preparing to disband. After that, Drifting went to rescue Master by himself, while Ba Jie went to Huaguo Mountain to find his senior brother to come back and help. , But Wukong was not found. Ba Jie, wearing Wukong's Qitian Great Sage's clothes, came back and joined forces with the Drifting Monk against a large number of skeleton goblins. Soon Wukong also came to join the battle. Although Tang Seng was in danger in front of Mrs. Bone and wanted to turn Mrs. Bone into correcting evil and not doing evil again, he never succeeded. When Tang Seng's life was in danger, Wu Kong finally arrived in time to save Master and start the final battle with Bone Spirit. Tang Seng thought of Madame Bone’s poor past life, and couldn’t bear Wukong to kill her. He told the Buddha that he would save Bone Spirit’s reincarnation with his own life.

In the end, Wukong had to kill Tang Seng, and the bone spirit reincarnated as a normal human woman. Seven days after Tang Seng died, Wukong took the Tang Seng turned into a stone statue and sat on the white dragon horse, and embarked on a journey to the west with Bajie and Drifting. After seeing this scene, Guanyin was very satisfied with the three apprentices, and Tang Seng was slowly resurrecting from the stone statue.


  • Sun Wukong Guo Fucheng Tang Seng's apprentice
  • Bone Essence Gong Li In her previous life, she was killed to death because she was considered a "monster" because of her beautiful appearance. She had her legs amputated and bound to the cliffs. Her body was eaten by eagles all the year round, and eventually she became a "Bone Essence". Therefore, she hated human beings, did not want to be a human being, and wanted to eat Tang Seng meat as a demon forever.
  • Tang Seng Feng Shaofeng's second disciple Jin Chanzi reincarnated under the seat of Buddha
  • Zhu Bajie, Little Shenyang, Tang Seng's two apprentices
  • Drifting monk Luo Zhongqian Tang Seng three apprentices
  • The King of the Western Kingdom in the Sea of ​​Cloud Fei Xiang Original film character, taken from the king of the "Baoxiang Kingdom" and the King of the "Ziqiu Kingdom" in the original book
  • Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Chen Huilin
  • Snake spirit Wei Lu, one of the three demon guardians under the seat of the bone spirit
  • Bat Spirit Qi Xier One of the three demon guardians under the seat of the Bone Spirit
  • Porcupine Spirit, Mother Qi Miya, Bone Spirit, One of the Three Demon Guardians


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