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The Owners (2020)


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The Owners is a 2020 horror thriller film adapted from the graphic novel Une Nuit de Pleine lune by Hermann and Yves H. Directed by debut director Julius Berg, with a screenplay by Mathieu Gompel and Julius Berg in collaboration with Geoff Cox; it stars Maisie Williams, Sylvester McCoy, Rita Tushingham, Jake Curran, Ian Kenny and Andrew Ellis. The Owners was released in the United States on September 4, 2020, by RLJE Films.

Gaz, Nathan, and Terry have decided to rob the home of Dr Richard Huggins and his wife Ellen, as it's in the countryside and is said to have a very large safe full of cash. Nathan's girlfriend Mary complicates matters when she arrives to borrow the car, but she is persuaded to come along. After the boys fail to access the safe, she enters the house as she had been waiting for a long while.

Once inside, she tells Nathan that she's pregnant. When the Hugginses return, the boys tie the couple up and threaten them to open the safe. In the process, Richard recognizes Nathan and Terry from when they were children, causing Nathan to become reluctant to continue the theft. In an attempt to take control, Gaz picks a fight with Nathan and stabs him. He then tries to hurt Ellen, only for Mary to kill him with a sledgehammer. As she and Terry untie the couple, Ellen seems to recognize Mary.

Richard tricks Terry and Mary by offering to operate on Nathan and pretending to call for an ambulance. Ellen then secretly drugs Terry, who hallucinates Mary's twin sister Jane, who is missing and presumed to have run away. Mary eventually realizes that they've been tricked. Richard tries to persuade her and Terry to drink tea with them. They discuss the untimely death of the couple's daughter, Kate, years prior and the mysterious disappearances of numerous teenage girls in the area. Now aware of the danger the couple poses, Mary tries unsuccessfully to escape. She and Terry make it to the garage, only for Terry to shoot Mary in the back.

As she bleeds to death, Richard tells Mary that they would capture and imprison several girls in their safe, where they would dress them up as little girls and call them Kate. They didn't find one that fit the role until they captured Mary's sister Jane, who is still captive. As a reward for helping them, the couple imprisons Terry in the safe with Jane. The film ends with Terry's mother questioning the Hugginses over her son's disappearance, unaware of the couple's involvement and the presence of the freshly buried bodies of Gaz, Nathan, and Mary in the garden.