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The Queen of Crime (2016)


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The Queen of Crime (2016) Review


"Mothers: Not all superheroes wear capes." Mi-kyung receives a call from her son Ik-soo, who is the embodiment of her hope and dreams. Ik-soo tells her that his water bill at his examiners' accommodation, renowned for their low prices but horrible conditions, has surpassed one thousand dollars. She decides to visit his room and see what the fuss is about. When she arrives, she notices how the residents of the accommodation are all suspicious and cold. While she searches for the reason behind the ridiculous bill, she befriends Kae-tae, a team member at the management office. Mi-kyung soon learns that she is getting herself into a bigger problem.


Mi-kyeong (played by Park Ji-young) is a meddling mother. She's able to mind her own business now that her son Ik-soo (played by Kim Dae-Hyun-I) is safely away in Seoul studying for exams, but a strange incident at Mi-kyeong's residence soon sends Mi-kyeong packing off to find out what Ik-soo is up to. No matter how much Ik-soo resists her presence, Mi-kyeong is unwilling to leave until she finds someone who can be brought up on criminal charges for something. She is "The Queen of Crime" after all.

Usually, that phrase refers to a person who commits a crime rather than one who solves it. But that's just one of the weirder implications in "The Queen of Crime"- where Ik-soo is perfectly happy to mind his own business, Mi-kyeong actively goes around looking for trouble. And as it turns out, practically everywhere she digs, it turns out there's someone in the whole ronin racket committing some crime relevant to jobless, hopeless young people living lives of fruitless study.

In general, Park Ji-young's performance as the aggressively maternal Mi-kyeong is the main highlight of "The Queen of Crime". It is uncanny how, despite being reasonably generally annoying, Mi-kyeong can win a lot of friends at Ik-soo's apartment complex simply by acting as she cares. And Mi-kyeong does care; it's just, she cares about her son really, and everyone else is just a proxy who's so used to be taking for granted or outright ignored that they enjoy the attention.

"The Queen of Crime" is endearingly weird. While always managing to stay in an entire realist mode, it is nonetheless a movie about a meddling mother trying to solve a possibly non-existent crime for the sake of her ungrateful adult son. He would instead take care of himself. The ending certainly seems to imply the latter explanation, although in any case, the flourishes alone are strong enough to make "The Queen of Crime" easy to recommend. You can watch it for free at Xemovie.com.