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The Whispering (2018)


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The Whispering (2018) Review


'The Whispering' is a South Korean horror film that follows the conventional storyline often used in this genre. The story follows a group of six high school students who are preparing for their college interviews and embark on a trip during the final summer of their youth. However, instead of reaching their planned destination, they ended up in an abandoned amusement park where the owner had murdered his daughter and wife to attract visitors to his park. In the park is a cave where whisperings can be heard from...


After the notorious college entrance exam, Eun Ha and her friends are supposed to have fun but still busy building more careers to enter a better college. “This is going to be our last winter as a teenager and we should do something memorable!” Woo Sung, the teenage ‘Youtuber’ suggests an idea to go out for a trip. On their way to the beach, they unexpectedly arrive at a spooky closed-down haunted house, where the owner killed his wife and daughter. Despite a shaman’s warning to stay away from this haunted house, Woo Sung plots to broadcast a fake live show of ghosts. When they are shooting, each friend disappears one by one after hearing a whisper. And when Eun Ha is trying to find her friends, she hears another whisper of somebody she knows.

'The Whispering' had the potential to be a great movie but somehow failed to develop the plot and/or build the characters. The lack of plot development is a little disappointing because a good movie—no matter the genre—must have an interesting premise and a good story progression. The story between Eun-ha (So Joo-yeon) and her friend that passed away is definitely something that should have been developed more. Although they tried to give it a vague explanation towards the end, I still felt underwhelmed by it, which made the final scene less impactful. The jump scares were also overused and rapidly became very predictable. Some of them even managed to make me laugh, which shouldn't be happening while watching this type of film. In my opinion, the surprise factor in a scary movie should never be predictable; otherwise, the movie ends up lacking something. Nevertheless, Eun-ha and Min-woo's (Kim Min-kyu) developing relationship was a very interesting and intriguing subplot. The horror atmosphere was also very well delivered—a dark cave without any sound except for the characters' talking and the echoing whisperings.