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Thunderbolt (1995)

Hong Kong

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Chan Foh To is a waste mechanic and part-time motorist who helped the Hong Kong Police Force in the crackdown on illegal street racing in the country. One night, while helping news reporter Amy Yip and Mr. Lam after their Mitsubishi FTO ran out of gas, Chan drove the car with Amy inside to chase a running black Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. speed is driven by dangerous criminal Warner "Cougar." Kaugman. During the climax of a high-speed car chase, Chan trapped Cougar in a police barrier and got him arrested. Due to the lack of evidence and arrest warrant, Cougar was immediately detained by the police, and Chan continued to be harassed by Amy, who wanted to make a story to conceal him.

After Chan fought off Cougar's thugs at his junkyard, Cougar was again arrested when Chan gave false testimony under the guidance of agent Interpol Steve Cannon. However, Cougar thugs raided the police station and took him out of prison. The thugs kill everyone but Cannon, who killed Cougar's girlfriend before they fled. Cougar then destroyed the junkyard and wounded Chan's father Chun Tung before taking his sisters Dai Mui and Sai Mui hostage to force Chan to race against him in Japan.

Chan and his racing team built for him a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III racing car and prepared for his upcoming race, getting police permission to drive it on the highway. . They arrived in Japan, where Chan broke in and destroyed a pachinko hall owned by a yakuza gang before Cougar allowed Dai Mui to reunite with her brother. Chan created the net starting at the Sendai Hi-Land Raceway, but his car was destroyed in a collision. Sympathy to Chan, Miss Kenya, the daughter of a Mitsubishi Motors executive, provided him with two brand-new white Mitsubishi GTO racing cars and a supply of Advan tires for the race.

Chan started at the back of the pitch, but his muscles headed forward, despite the 30-second penalty and other distractions caused by Amy. He approached and fought Cougar for the top spot. During the final lap, both cars slide off the track into the gravel pit, facing each other as they try to get back to the track. Cougar escaped first, but Chan pulled back on the road before both cars crossed the street in a picture to the end. Chan won the race while turning forward when his front end hit the finish line first. Cougar tries to run away from the police, but Chan chases after him before making him fiercely plunge down the tracks. Chan pulled Cougar out of the burning wreckage for the police to arrest him, and Cannon revealed that he and his team had rescued Sai Mui. Then he made up with Amy and kissed her.


  • Jackie Chan as Chan Foh To / Feng Jim / (Alfred Tung in the US version) (duplicated by Chin Kar Lok, Collin Chou and Sam Wong)
  • Anita Yuen as Amy Yip / (Amy Ip in US version)
  • Michael Wong as Steve Cannon
  • Thorsten Nickel as Warner "Cougar" Krugman
  • Rebecca Penrose as Cougar's Girlfriend
  • Chor Yuen as uncle Chan Chun Tung, Foh's father (Alfred's father in the US version) (as Chor Yun)
  • Wu Oi-Yan as Dai Mui (Daphne in the US version) (as Daisy Wu Oi-Yan)
  • Annie Man as Sai Mui / Xiao Wei (Sammi in the US version) (as Man Chung-Han)
  • Yūzō Kayama as Coach Murakami
  • Kenya Sawada as Saw
  • Ken Lo as Kong (as Low Houi Kang)
  • Dayo Wong as Mr. Lam (as Wong Tze-Wah)
  • Chin Kar-lok as Mirakami's assistant (Ka Lok Chin in US version) (Chin Ka-Lok in German version)
  • Corey Yuen as Doctor (Corey Yen in US version) (Cory Yuen in German version)
  • Marie Eguro as Miss Kenya
  • Yung Kam-Cheong as Cheongsam (as Peter Yung Kam-Cheong)
  • William Tuen as the villain of Koo / Ku / Saw
  • Bruce Law as Bruce (as Bruce Law Lai Yin)
  • Patrick Han as John
  • Joseph Cheung as Traffic Police Joe
  • Lam Wai-Kong as Inspector Cheung (Joe in the US version)