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Us and Them (2018)


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Us and Them (2018) Review


  The story is told while alternating past and present, "we" and "they", with scenes from the past being shot in color while the scenes in the present are shot in black and white.   During Chunyun's busy time, two strangers, Lin Jianqing and Fang Xiaoxiao, were walking home to meet on the train. Jianqing and Xiaoxiao become friends and discover that both are living in Beijing, trying to find success. Jianqing wanted to become a game producer but faced financial problems and lack of time. Xiaoxiao lives with her boyfriend in Beijing, but she left him because of a problem with his mother. Xiaoxiao moved in with Jianqing, who lives in a small room in a complex, and the two of them make money selling computer software and Japanese porn movies.   In his present tense, Jianqing has grown up and successfully met Xiaoxiao in a hotel while he was traveling. They sat and talked about their life growing up in Beijing and about how they truly felt for each other. The story then goes back to the past and during the Chinese New Year while Jianqing and Xiaoxiao get drunk, they end up having sex. They start a relationship, but it is unstable due to financial problems and the fact that Jianqing does not understand what Xiaoxiao really wants. In order not to feel like a loser to his high school friends, Jianqing pretends to be a successful game maker celebrating with his friends and ends up spending all of his money to buy it for him. them an expensive dinner. The two of them returned home during the Chunyun period, and spent time with Jianqing's father. Jianqing's father told him that he didn't have to be rich to his friends if it wasn't like that.   One day, the manager at the complex they live tells them they can't be there anymore and she has a friend taking over. While at work, Jianqing took a shot of a caller and cursed him, the caller came over to work, and the two of them fought. Jianqing became increasingly angry at life, and he even scolded his father for calling him, but after realizing what he said, he wished him a happy new year. . The two's relationship intensified and Xiaoxiao eventually boarded the train and broke up with Lin, who ignored her for playing video games. Jianqing noticed that she was gone and saw that she was on the train, but he didn't talk to her and just watched her leave. He became determined to work and finish his game, now had the time and motivation for things to happen, and the game became a huge hit. Eventually he got a job contract and started making money. Xiaoxiao met Jianqing on the news in an interview, where he talked about the inspiration of the game's story and how it ties to her.   That year, during the Chunyun festival, Jianqing asked Xiaoxiao if she would accompany him back to their hometown, she did. Jianqing's father announced that he was in the early stages of blindness. While having dinner with Jianqing's father, he told his father to leave his "shabby" restaurant and move in with him in Beijing so he can take care of him. His father became upset and told Jianqing that his "shabby" restaurant has helped feed his family for more than 20 years. He refused to leave and Jianqing scolded his father. Jianqing got up and left, with Xiaoxiao trailing behind him. Jianqing asked Xiaoxiao to come back to him and give him a second chance, now that he has money, he can finally give her the life he always promised. Xiaoxiao told Jianqing that she was not with him hoping he would get rich and buy her a house, but because she liked him. She told him he didn't understand her and never had, and then left.   The story then returns to the present and shows Xiaoxiao still struggling and single. It is revealed that Jianqing has a wife and children and lives successfully. The two tearfully asked each other whether the youthful love they had many years ago was real, and Xiaoxiao admitted that she truly loved him. She told him that maybe they were destined to meet on the train home, and also that they were destined to not be together. Jianqing drove Xiaoxiao home and said goodbye. She told him they never really had a "real" goodbye before, so she gave him a friendly emotional hug and they said goodbye. Jianqing told Xiaoxiao that one day she will find true love again. While returning home with his wife, Jianqing's father mistakenly called her Xiaoxiao, causing Jianqing to try not to react. It was later revealed that Jianqing's father was blind and thought that his son was married to Xiaoxiao, but quickly realized it was not her. He wrote to Xiaoxiao one last letter, telling her that he wished she would end up with his son, but life did not come next.  


  Jing Boran as Lin Jianqing   Zhou Dongyu as Xiaoxiao Fang   Tian Zhuangzhuang as Jianqing's father   Qu Zheming