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Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)


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  In September 1950, during the Korean War, a US Navy pilot named Neil Smith (Steve Taschler) was caught up in a mysterious storm of butterflies and crashed his plane down a mountain and far away. sticky rice of Korea. He was found by villagers from the nearby mountain village of Dongmakgol, who made him well again. Dongmakgol is cut off from the outside world - its inhabitants have no knowledge of modern technology and are happy to be unaware of the great conflict raging across Korea. Smith handed an elementary English-Korean book to Teacher Kim (Jo Deok-hyeon), a village scholar, in an attempt to communicate, but Mr. Kim effectively gave up when Smith started a series. Complaints after being asked in English, "How are you?" as an introductory greeting.   Meanwhile, not far from the village, a platoon of Korean soldiers was ambushed by a South Korean unit, and the fighting that ensued left most of the North Korean dead. The surviving North Korean soldiers try to escape through a mountain path. North Korean soldiers, Rhee Soo-hwa (Jung Jae-young), Jang Young-hee (Im Ha-ryong) and Seo Taek-gi (Ryu Deok-hwan) are found by an absent girl from Dongmakgol , named Yeo-il (Kang Hye-jung). She leads them to the village where, upon North Korean alarm, they find two Korean soldiers, Pyo Hyun-chul (Shin Ha-kyun) and Moon Sang-sang (Seo Jae-kyung). Korean soldiers, both of which abandoned their units and fled into the mountains, were also led by another villager to Dongmakgol.   The sudden encounter left Mexico in a stalemate that lasted until the next day. Initially, the villagers were surrounded between North and South Korea, but not understanding what the noise was, they slowly gave up to go back to their own business (despite some efforts by soldiers to threaten them to obey). The villagers, who were unfamiliar with the soldiers' weapons, continued to watch on the sidelines and wondered why the two sides waved "sticks" and "paint potatoes" at each other (rifles and grenades actually). . In fact, Yeo-il happily pulled the pin from Taek-gi's grenade (mistaking it for a ring), causing the soldiers to panic even more.   The confrontation ended only when Taek-gi, tired, accidentally dropped his currently equipped grenade. While the others sought shelter, Hyun-chul bravely threw herself into the grenade, but it did not explode. Believing it to be a fool, he threw the grenade back with disdain, and it rolled into the village barn. Then it exploded, burning the village's corn stocks for the winter. The remains fell from the sky, surrealistically, like popcorn.   Two groups of Korean soldiers are now forced to face the fact that their quarrel has caused the village to starve to death in the coming winter. They reluctantly agreed to cease the war and redirect their efforts to compensate for the damage they had caused. Together, soldiers take over jobs throughout the village and help harvest potatoes in the fields.   They even work together to kill one of the wild boars causing trouble for the village. The villagers then buried the boar, much to the discomfort of the soldiers (who wanted to eat it). Both North and South Korean soldiers and Smith sneaked out at night to dig up the boar and eat it, resulting in an unplanned meal together. The mood was a bit awkward at first, but the tension between the soldiers eased as they shared meals. However, even then, members of both sides are still haunted by the memory of the terrible things they went through during the war.   While this was happening, Allied commanders, having lost several other aircraft in the area, prepared a rescue team to recover Smith, whom they mistakenly had been captured by opposing units. Phuong is being held at a base in the mountains. The plan was to protect Smith and evacuate him from the area, with a bomber unit flying in after Smith exploited it to destroy the anti-aircraft guns they assumed were on the base.   The rescue team, led by their commander (David Joseph Anselmo), parachuted at night. They suffered heavy casualties after being flown through the air by butterflies, with additional casualties due to the rough terrain. Meanwhile, villagers and soldiers are holding a harvest ceremony. The rescue team entered the village, and assuming it was the hideout for the enemy's base, began to head towards the villagers. Despite the villagers' attempts to conceal the Korean soldiers by disguising themselves as villagers, a firefight broke out, in which all but one of the rescue team members perished, and Yeo- il was injured in the fire. The only survivor of the rescue team, the Korean translator, was beaten in the head by Smith and captured by the villagers.   Through the interpreter, the villagers learned of the bombing plan. The North and South Korean soldiers realized that the wicked.  


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