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Wolf Warrior 2 (2017)


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Leng Feng (Wu Jing) sent the ashes of his comrade Yu Fei (captain of the Wolf Squadron, sacrificed in the previous episode) back to his hometown. However, the Yu family was being demolished by illegal profiteers. Because the leader of the demolition team threatened to retaliate against Yu Fei’s family after Leng Feng and the others left. Leng Feng kicked him seriously. Leng Feng was expelled from the military and sentenced to imprisonment for wounding. During the period, his fiancee Long Xiaoyun (played by Yu Nan, the heroine of the first episode) proposed to him, but disappeared when he went to the border to perform a mission.

Leng Feng took a special bullet left at the scene of Long Xiaoyun's disappearance and spent three years in Africa looking for its whereabouts. He was involved in the turmoil in an unnamed African country. Leng Feng, together with his godson, Tundu, a local boy, fled into the supermarket run by the Chinese profiteer Qian Bida (played by Yu Qian) and led everyone to the Chinese Embassy. The road was stopped by the rebel "Red Scarf Army", but fortunately, he was rushed to rescue him by the Chinese ambassador.

After evacuating to a Chinese navy ship, Qian Bida told Leng Feng that he had seen bullets carried by Leng Feng in the rebels. Tundu wanted to return to a local Chinese-owned factory to find his mother. Ambassador Fan asked the ship's troops to go to the factory to rescue the trapped Chinese employees and rescue Dr. Chen, who played an important role in controlling the Ramanra virus in the country. Since the army could not enter the territory of other countries without authorization, Leng Feng, who could have been safely evacuated, decided to go to the danger alone to rescue Dr. Chen and Chinese employees. When Leng Feng arrived at the hospital, Dr. Chen had been killed by the rebels. Leng Feng and another aid doctor Rachel (Lu Jingshan) took a little girl Pasha (Dianna Sheila) who had antibodies to the virus and fled the hospital to the factory. General Otto, the commander of the Red Scarf Army who wanted Dr. Chen to control the country, was killed by the mercenary leader "Daddy" (Frank Grillo), and the little girl Pasha became his target.

The Chinese-owned factory was opened by Zhuo Yifan (Zhang Han), who wanted to get rid of his second-generation rich status and loves military armaments. The factory has some weapons and a security team led by a retired veteran He Jianguo (Wu Gang). Leng Feng, He Jianguo, and Zhuo Yifan together repelled the first attack on the factory by the rebels. Leng Feng was found to be infected with the Ramanra virus. Rachel took Leng Feng and Pasha and left the factory voluntarily. Rachel used Dr. Chen to develop The drug cured Leng Feng.

Leng Feng returned to the factory occupied by mercenaries and rebels, killed his father, rescued the employees of the two countries in the factory, and led them through the war zone back to the port where the Chinese warship was located.


  • Wu Jing plays Leng Feng, a former soldier of the Chinese Special Forces.
  • Celina Jade is assisting Dr. Rachel Prescott Smith in Africa.
  • Frank Grillo (Frank Grillo) plays Big Daddy, a mercenary commander named Dyon Corps.
  • Hans Zhang (Hans Zhang) plays Fuerdai (Fuerdai) and military fan. His father owned a factory in Africa, and he was actually the boss.
  • Wu Gang plays He Jianguo, a retired scout who once worked as a safety supervisor in a Chinese factory in Africa.
  • Yu Nan as Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun (Guest)
  • Yu Qian plays Qian Bida, a profiteer who was arrested during a rebellion exchange in an African port town.
  • Ding Haifeng served as a navy captain of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
  • Shi Zhaoqi as Shi Qingsong
  • Chun Yu Shanshan as Lin Zhixiong
  • Oleg Prudius[16] plays the big bear, a Russian mercenary of the Dion Army, a muscular and heavy machine gunner.
  • Heidi Moneymaker (Heidi Moneymaker) plays Athena, a sharpshooter and the most agile of the mercenaries in the army of Dion.
  • Aaron Ly (Aaron Ly) plays the silent driver of the Dhost Corps mercenaries.
  • Aaron Toney (Aaron Toney) plays Roach (Roach), a mercenary in the army of Dion and the second commander of Big Daddy.


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