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Wrath of Silence (2017)


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Wrath of Silence (2017) Review


Having become involved with noir-ish stratagems in his 2014 Venice premiere Coffin in the Mountain, Chinese filmmaker Xin Yukun embraces wholesale genre cinema in Wrath of Silence, which pits a dumb and vindictive miner against a world of corruption. Appropriating visual and narrative tropes of the westerns and the film noir with invention and balance, the last 32-year-old pilot is a powerful and fatalistic illustration of the Chinese rural subclass and its futile struggle against oppressive social forces. Baomin (Song Yang) is a mute young miner, has a hot temper and a turbulent past that causes him to mutate. Because of the past, he worked at a coal mine far from home, leaving his wife and son Lei to take care of their sheep. But news of his son's sudden disappearance forced him to return to his town of Baotou in Inner Mongolia, Northeast China (Baotao is also the director's hometown), where his search for him began. Baby in despair. Memories flashed into Baomin's mind as he noticed old protests and struggled against the sale and closure of local mines.


The relentless development of the Hongchang Mining Company actually began years earlier, when Baomin was still alive in town and his participation in riots caused trouble and trouble. his departure. Seemingly nothing has changed since then, the expansion of the mining giant led by the wealthy and agile businessman Chang Wannian (Jiang Wu) was unstoppable, making acquisitions. and forcing smaller companies to liquidate. A mix of clues and tormenting instincts Baomin, who increasingly believes Chang was behind the boy's disappearance and as the third element entered the scene, reveals a bigger plot than Baomin had imaginable, his theories began to take shape. Lawyer Xu is being investigated by the authorities for working with Chang and Chang's robbers kidnapped his daughter in silence to blackmail him. Need to find another child, but this second small victim has a much higher market value than Baomin's son.

An expansive, dusty and desolate scene in a true Spaghetti Western style is the setting of this flashy horror film - despite the seemingly complicated plot - goes smoothly, revealing a story strong social allegory. Xin Yukun outlines the three layers of society exactly, represented by the three main characters. Baomin is the countryside of China, compromised and silent, in contrast to the middle class shown in attorney Xu, which coincidentally, is doing work where talking is important, but the words of he is the service of Chang, the third emblem, a form of intimidation and power. fallow, a product of rapidly growing inequality in the distribution of wealth. When the Chinese censorship was imposed, the crime was eventually punished, but the director passed a fateful message and criticized quite a large and apparent social injustice. Song Yang, although without lines, delivers an impressive performance, as in the case of Jiang Wu (A Touch of Sin,) as the wild and quirky businessman Chang with a distinctive personality. and the potential imperfections, not quite comfortable its huge and sudden possessions. Filmed in high definition throughout, delivering surreal and astonishing clarity, the film benefits greatly from DOP He Shan's professional and classy know-how and Sylvian Wand's music score, creating effect. "Goosebumps", like one of the last scenes, is dreamy and powerful at the same time.

A chilling horror film and atmosphere with growing tension but also a strong exposition of corruption and individualism that resides in the connective tissue of modern Chinese society, " Silence of indignation "is a photograph of a land where body and morality have been violated by a greedy helpless person.


Wu Jiang as Chang Wannian   Yang Song as Zhang Baomin   Wenkang Yuan as XU Wenjie   Zhuo Tan as Cui Xia   Yukun Xin as Director   Yukun Xin as Screenwriter