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Cheese in the trap (Love in the trap; Hangul: 치즈 인 더 트랩) is a Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name on Naver conducted since 2010, starring Park Hae-jin, Kim Go- eun. The 16-episode series aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday from January 4, 2016 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] to March 1, 2016. Finals It wasn't the original from the webtoon as it wasn't finished by the time the movie was over. Now, you can watch free on xemovie.com.


The drama focuses on the life and relationships of a group of university students, particularly the difficult relationship between hard-working scholarship student Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun) and her deceptively kind senior, Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin). Jung is the rich and popular heir to Taerang Group and seemingly has a perfect life. However, although he seems nice and kind to everyone around him, he is quite manipulative with a penchant for destroying those that irritate him, often by using others. When Seol catches on, her life started to become so miserable that she decides to take time off school. When she returns through a scholarship that was intended for Jung, he is unexpectedly nice to her and asks her on a date. Although she isn't sure what kind of person he is, they begin an awkward relationship that is complicated by the distance between them as well as the aftermath of his various schemes. The situation is further complicated by the arrival of Baek In-ho and his sister In-ha, childhood friends of Jung who have since had a falling out.



  • Park Hae-jin as Yoo Jung A college student with good looks, but he has secrets that only Hong Seol recognizes. You are very nice to Hong Seol. He asked to go on a date and she accepted. He often confuses Seol because of the way he does and thinks things. Even though he did everything like that for Seol's sake, he didn't want to do normal things by quarreling or asking forgiveness. He often manipulates people by thinking of himself and thinks that they shouldn't try to get what doesn't belong to them. Yoo Jung, Baek In-ho, and Baek In-ha used to live together. Jung's father wanted to adopt Baek In-ho and Baek In-ha, using them to observe Jung because he saw Jung has a "weird" personality. That hurt Jung. He felt betrayed. Once Yoo Jung overheard Baek In-ho's thoughts about himself when he talked to someone else.
  • Kim Go-eun as Hong Seol A smart college student whose life is extremely difficult but always strives for his life. She always tries to find out who Yoo Jung really is and is the only one who can understand his thoughts.
  • Seo Kang-joon as Baek In-ho An old friend of Yoo Jung, who always believes that Yoo Jung must be responsible for the fight that damaged his hands, leading him to end his dream of becoming a pianist. He is friends with Hong Seol and gets along with her often. He nicknamed Hong Seol "Dog Fur". He has difficulty in confessing his love to Hong Seol.

Supporting characters

The Baek family

  • Lee Sung-kyung as Baek In-ha Baek In-ho's sister, selfish, likes money and material. Along with In-ho, she is also a childhood friend of Yoo Jung. The Hong family
  • Kim Hee-chan as Hong Joon Hong Seol's younger brother, who recently returned to Korea from the United States. His parents are biased towards him, making Seol sometimes feel pity. He likes Kang Ah-young.
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Hong Jin-tak
  • Yoon Bok-as Kim Young-hee Yeon-yi University
  • Park Min-ji as Jang Bo-ra Hong Seol's best friend. She later became a couple with Eun-taek.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as Kwon Eun-taek
  • Lee Woo-dong as Heo Yoon-seob
  • Cha Joo young as Nam Joo-yeon
  • Moon Ji-yoon as Kim Sang-chul
  • Yoon Ji-se as Son Min-soo
  • Yoon Ye-joo as Kang Ah-young
  • Ji Yoon-ho as Oh Young-gon
  • Kim Hye-ji as Lee Da-young
  • Oh Hee-jun as Ha Jae-woo
  • Go Hyeon as Kim Kyung-hwan
  • Shin Joo-hwan as Min Do-hyun
  • Hwang-Seok-jeong as Professor Kang
  • Kim Jin-keun as Professor Han Others
  • Son Byong-ho as Yoo Young-soo
  • Kim Ki-bang as Kong Joo-yong


Before being loved, "Cheese In The Trap" was stoned. Nearly all of the drama's cast was heavily stoned, only until episode 1 of the show aired. The subjects who criticize them the most, are none other than the passionate fans of the original series. In Korea, there is even a phrase "cheeomoni" that indicates the fans of Cheese In The Trap who always complain to the TV version cast. It can be said that the movie's actors had a pretty miserable time with these negative audiences.

The female lead Kim Go Eun, who plays Hong Seol, is probably the actress who received the most unfounded criticism. The role of Hong Seol was invited by the producer to the actress - singer Suzy (Miss A), before she refused in the "sigh of relief" of the fans of the webtoon version. But perhaps, if Suzy accepts, "the nation's first love" will still be more or less "spoiled" by the public thanks to the reputation and ability shown in her previous films. As for a new face like Kim Go Eun, skepticism about the young actress's acting ability is unavoidable. However, that is not the only factor that makes people feel that Korean public opinion is ridiculous and put a thing when evaluating a movie. In addition to Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are also characters who often have to "board" public opinion. Seo Kang Joon has participated in many dramas, but has not left a significant mark. Recently, the role of Hong Joo Won in his historical project Hwajung has not been appreciated and is considered too much for the 22-year-old actor. Lee Sung Kyung is a model born actor, who played It's Okay, That's Love and The Queen's Flower but is still controversial because of his ability to transform. Nam Joo Hyuk, after a somewhat poor and unnatural performance in School 2015, was also the subject of suspicion and mercilessly stoned.

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