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Cinderella Man (Korean: 신데렐라 맨; RR: Sindyerella Maen) is a 2009 Korean drama directed by Yeo Jeong-Joon and starring Kwon Sang-woo and Im Yoon-ah. The drama is about couple Oh Dae-san and Lee Jun-hee (both played by Kwon Sang-woo) have very different lives. It first aired on April 15, 2009 and last aired on June 4, 2009.


The film is about two guys who will change their identities. One was poor and the other was the CEO of a fashion company. Why the two have to exchange for what happened and to continue, in the film there is also the thrill of the love of the banker's daughter. She graduated from fashion school and has a fiancee is a wealthy general manager, but that position has been swapped, let's see the secrets behind the two boys through the movie This Boy. Modeled after a more modern, masculine version of Cinderella. Dae-san is a clothing designer who operates a small shop in Dongdaemun Market and dreams of wealth. He meets Joon-hee one day, the heir of a fashion empire, who invites him to become him. Eventually, Dae-sun outsmarts the boss, Lee Jae-min, and eventually finds true love.


  • Lee Joon-hee is played by Kwon Sang-woo Second son of fashion empire founder and clear heir. He is tall and has a muscular body. He is handsome and has a sharp style eye. But he's arrogant and hates complexity in his life. He was sent to France, where he spent 19 years of his life. Upon hearing that his father was ill, he returned to Korea and his grandmother, the president of the company, put him in a managerial position at the company. Having a heart disease like his future mother, he asked Oh Dae-san, who looks like him, to impersonate him for a month so he can secretly heart surgery without anyone in the family. know about his condition. And with that, he will go to Paris for surgery ...
  • Seo Yoo-jin played by Im Yoon-ah An ambitious designer. She has a sharp style and is very proud. As one of the star graduates of a famous fashion design school in Paris, she started out in fashion by working for Dae-san when her father was a wholesaler. clothes, suddenly died. She doesn't get along with Dae-san and often quarrels with him. By chance she meets the rich Lee Jae-min that she met before in Paris. His family owns a fashion empire and she can't decide whether to choose Jae-min or Dae-san, whom she has gradually come to love.
  • Jang Sae-eun is played by Han Eun-jung As the only daughter of the mutual fund empire founder. She used to study fashion design abroad. Possessing good looks, she joined a modeling contract during her high school years. She is very conscious of the latest fashion trends. During her time abroad, she regretted rejecting Jae-min when he proposed to her, and so she wanted to give him a second chance to mend their relationship. But she gets annoyed when Jae-min doesn't show much care for her. Then, she discovered Oh Dae-san and was attracted to his smart street.
  • Oh Dae-san is played by Kwon Sang-woo Selling clothes in the back alleys of Dongdaemun market and obsessing about getting rich. Tall and handsome, he is a hustle and well-dressed person as he moves forward on his path to becoming a successful businessman. Growing up as an orphan, he is neither afraid of failure nor trusting anyone. He meets Lee Joon-hee, the heir to a fashion empire, and when Lee sees Dae-san looks like him, he asks him if he'll swap places for him ...
  • Lee Jae-min is played by Song Chang-eui The eldest son in a family owns a fashion empire. As Joon-hee's step-brother, he makes a decision after weighing all the options in front of him and has perfect manners. He conflicts with his stepmother, who wants to hand over the management of the company to her nephew, Joon-hee, who is also a talented businessman. The only woman who gives him comfort is Seo Yoo-jin, whom he met in Paris but he thinks he must marry Jang Sae-eun, whose family is very wealthy and influential. ...

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