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The fifth season of Legends of Tomorrow, an American spin-off television series from Arrow and The Flash, premieres January 14, 2020 on The CW in the United States.


Astra, the former protégé of Constantine who dwells in the Underworld, has brought back to life many notorious criminals and scattered them throughout time. The team, after naming them reminders, goes in search of these criminals to send them back to where they came from. Afterward, they will also have to come to terms with Charlie's past: she is actually one of the Moires, who once destroyed the Loom of Fate, and her two sisters are in pursuit of her to get it back.


  • EP1: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Five

The Paragons wake up and discover the new Earth created by Oliver's sacrifice: Earth-Prime, born from the fusion of Earth-1 and Earth-38. The heroes try to get used to this new reality, even hoping for Oliver to return. Nash Wells, freed from Pariah's charge, warns the others that the Anti-Monitor is still alive and determined to destroy the Multiverse again.

  • EP2: Meet the Legends

Sara, Mick, and Ray return from the fight against the Anti-Monitor and find that Ava was forced to invite a documentary film crew to calm the Senate down following the events of Heyworld. Sara hoped for calm to mourn Oliver and take stock of the events of the Crisis but the Legends must intervene in 1917 when Rasputin returns from the dead. Constantine learns that from the Underworld, Astra, his former protégé, may have freed his soul along with others.

  • EP3: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me

John Constantine reveals that Astra, his former protégé, is the one who freed the most dangerous souls from the Underworld. Sara goes with him to 1940s Burbank, where a mobster has come back to life with a loaded weapon in hellfire, leaving Ava alone as she lost her job at the Time Bureau. Nate meets Behrad's sister, whom he recognizes as the mysterious Zari whose past was rewritten after Heyworld.

  • EP4: Slay Anything

A serial killer comes back to life after his execution in 2004 and returns to attack the survivors, reunited for the 15 years of the killing. The Legends are unable to counter the killer's new powers, and Ray suggests making a direct attempt to prevent the first round of murders in 1989, during the Central City High School Prom. Constantine preferred to slip away before the story to return to his mansion, occupied by Charlie who pretends to be him.

  • EP5: A Head of Her Time 

Sara must leave for Star City and leaves the management of the team to Ava, who must lead the Legends in a French Revolution where Marie-Antoinette has managed to reunite all of Paris in an endless party, an environment where Zari knows how to evolve. . Gary and Charlie see John Constantine struggling against the ghosts of his past, freed in his mansion.

  • EP6: Mortal Khanbat 

Ava sent the Legends to Hong Kong in 1997, where a Recall will appear as the colony regains its independence. Charlie's return creates unease in the team, especially with Behrad. Astra has changed the life expectancy of John Constantine, who will die within hours of terminal lung cancer, but the wizard plans to use his last moments to find a way to cheat death

  • EP7: Mr Parker's Cul-De-Sac 

Sara and Ava find themselves alone in the face of the new Recall, which happens to be one of their worst enemies: in 2018, after the Battle of Salvation, Gary surprised Damien Darhk, who survived the destruction of Mallus. This one goes in 2020 in the mansion of Constantine, where Nora went for a dinner with Ray who intended to ask her in marriage. Constantine is still determined to recreate the Moire Loom that Charlie wants to leave destroyed.

  • EP8: Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness 

Ray intends to keep the promise made to Damien Darhk and leave the Legends with Nora. The next mission will be his last: return to the London of 1594 to retrieve the first piece of the Loom of Destiny that Charlie entrusted to William Shakespeare, then in full blank before the end of Romeo and Juliet.

  • EP9: Zari, Not Zari

Atropos follows Charlie's footsteps and begins killing anyone who meets him. The Legends therefore rush to collect the pieces of the Loom before her and leave for Vancouver, then in the middle of filming the last season of Supernatural. Zari becomes more and more in tune with his alternate version and Behrad advises him to get in touch with the spirits of the family totem pole. Ava helps Mick come to terms with his daughter by trying to be more present in his life.

  • EP10: The Great British Fake-Off

With Sara recovering from her fight with Atropos, Charlie begins to notice that the aftermath of the fight with her sister may be heavier than expected. Still on the hunt for the Loom of Fate, Constantine and Zari find themselves trapped in his mansion, when it was a 1910 guesthouse with a slew of Timeless Reminders. Meanwhile, Ava, Gary, and Rory take a trip to Hell while Nate and Charlie keep an eye on the Waverider.

  • EP11: Ship Broken

Everyone is eager to use the Loom of Fate, but the team must decide who they want to bring back first (Behrad, Astra's mother, or Sara) by letting Charlie make this difficult choice. Sara wakes up blind but capable of visions of the future and Constantine and Ava try to figure out how to help her. Meanwhile, Rory invited his daughter Lita to the Waverider in order to impress her. But Charlie's ritual fails and the Waverider goes down.

  • EP12: Freaks and Greeks

Faced with the danger of using the Loom of Fate, Charlie thinks of using the Chalice of Dionysus to obtain immortality for one day. Nate recognizes the chalice as a trophy kept as a symbol by a former college fellow, in fact the god Dionysus hidden among mortals. To get their hands on it, the Legends will need to create their own sorority. In parallel, Mick and Lita visit the university for the future studies of the young woman.

  • EP13: I Am Legends 

Trapped by Astra, Atropos and Lachésis, the Legends find themselves stranded in a zombie-overrun England, with 24 hours to reach a safe haven before their immortality is lost. Only Gary is aboard the Waverider, guided by a vision of Gideon to retrieve the three Loom rings before the Moires reunite.

  • EP14: The One Where We're Trapped on TV

The Moires reign over a dystopian world where any spirit of rebellion is stifled and History rewritten. The Legends became TV series characters, with no memory of their real life, until Zari's spirit freed itself from the totem pole and took possession of the body of its alternate version.

  • EP15: Swan Thong   

The Legends have emerged from their fictions and seek to destroy the Loom, source of the power of the Blacks. Charlie is still torn between his loyalty to human heroes and Lachésis who reminds him of his divine power and the danger of the chaos caused by time travelers.


Arthur Darvill: Rip Hunter / Michael

Victor Garber: Prof. Martin Stein / Firestorm

Brandon Routh: Raymond "Ray" Palmer / The Atom

Franz Drameh: Jefferson "Jax" Jackson / Firestorm

Ciara Renée: Kendra Sanders / Hawkgirl / Edith Boardman

Falk Hentschel: Carter Hall / Hawkman / Scythian Torvil / Joe

Amy Pemberton: Gideon

Dominic Purcell: Mick Rory / Heat Wave / Chronos

Wentworth Miller: Leonard Snart / Captain Cold


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