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Skate Into Love is a 2020 Chinese idol youth drama, adapted from famous writer Jiu Xiaoqi's novel of the same name. With the participation of the actors: Janice Wu, Zhang Xincheng, Zhou Lijie. Filming started April 2019, and closed in July of the same year.


In elementary school, the shy boy Li Yu Bing was often bullied by the "King at the same table". They are like water and fire, just alike in the same ideal on the ice rink. Once again meeting in college, Li Yu Bing became the god of the Lam Dai school ice-ball, and Tang Xue became a foolish female student. Li Yu Bing arranged for Tang Xue to become his assistant, slowly accepting the acknowledgment.

But after a series of "revenge" acts, Li Yu Bing gradually discovered the good points of Tang Xue. Even my mettle to hit the ice ball comes from Snow Street.

And Tang Xue was helped by Li Yu Bing, gradually rediscovering his old dream. They finally understood the mind, but now a series of events followed one after another. Misunderstanding when he was a child broke out, Tang Xue's first love returned, the school beauty harassed, parents prevented, competition was injured, forced to make a choice ...

A series of pressures come together. Love and ideal are interwoven on the ice, two infused enthusiastic hearts turn love into motivation, towards the beautiful life ahead.


The film is produced by the crew of "Ashes of Love", which is the second part of "The Honey Trilogy" (2018) and "Love When The Stars Fall." (2021)

On April 17, 2019, filming officially began in Qingdao. A 30 x 60 meter ice rink was built for the recording. The professional short-range speed skating professional was also invited to act as a mentor for the cast in the crew, and also take part in acting in the film. Filming is scheduled for July 29, 2019.

The main actors all learned to figure skating and golf ball on ice for a month, making the shots on the ice himself, using only the stunts in the required parts.


Janice Wu as Tang Xue

Home track, short distance speed skating team member. Before, because of an accident while playing, I gave up my dream. Initially studied Veterinary Medicine in Lam Dai but later switched to Sports Academy to pursue his passion. A person with a generosity, sincerity, enthusiasm. Thanks to the determination not to give up and the perseverance to pursue a passion, she once again achieved the dream on ice, moreover, she became a girlfriend Li Yubing.

Zhang Xincheng as Li Yubing

Ice God, famous member, star and also the Captain of the Yao Long Lin Dai Ice Bridge Golf Course. As a tablemate of Tang Xue when he was in elementary school, he was constantly bullied by Tang Xue, so after meeting again at the University, he planned to take revenge on Tang Xue. However, gradually in contact again with a childhood friend, love comes from a bad time.

Zhou Lijie as Yu Yan

Skating prodigy, coming to Lam Dai as a bright star was expected to win the championship. In everyone's eyes, he is a "little sheep" with doe-eyed, somewhat shy but innocent, pure personality. But few people know behind that aura is a cramped life, full of taboos and pressure from a young age to become an excellent athlete. Tang Xue was the one who discovered that and became his first friend. He is attracted to Snow Street's personality and wants to pursue her.


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